Friday, 15 May 2015
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Welcome to Dalmatian DIY! 🐾 Homemade dog treat recipes, DIY dog toys, pet-related crafts, free printables, and other goodies for furkids and their humans.

We still under construction at the moment, so apologies in advance if things are a little messy in the interim! We will be fully online soon with great things to share for the enjoyment of lovers of Dalmatians and all dogs. We will be posting doggie DIY tutorials, recipes, printables, and plenty of other treats for furkids and their humans. Oh yes...and lots of cute dog pictures of course! We invite you to join the pack on our social media for all the latest updates. 

Requests and suggestions of things you would like to see us make and share in future posts are always welcome here, and we read each and every comment so please do say hello. If you have your own dog related blog or website and you think that we or our fur-fanatic readers might like to check it out, politely dropping your link is a-ok as well. Thanks for dropping by to sniff things out, and we hope that you visit again soon!

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