Friday, 12 June 2015
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8 Fun DIY Pet Beds for Nesting and Resting

It is a wet and wild sort of day here, and the pets are all tucked snuggly into their beds for an afternoon snooze. Tiger laments having sacrificed his Ikea Bastis cat bed during our move and, unable to replace it, he has been skulking around in my wicker laundry baskets. We have been looking at a refresh of their favourite nests, and here is a round up of some of the great DIY pet beds we have discovered while looking for inspirations. Have you tried one of these or do you have a DIY of your own to share? Suggestions are most welcome in the comments or on our Facebook page.

DIY pet bed project ideas

Clockwise from the upper left: 
  • Suitcase bed (My So Called Craft Life) Suitcase beds are so cute, but our puppy is still a chewer...
  • No sew pet bed (Pretty Fluffy) Always gorgeous ideas at Pretty Fluffy. 
  • Cozy quit bed (BHG) Big and squishy - ideal for nesting and resting!
  • Crochet cat nest (Dapper Toad) Oh my! Tig would love a cosy cave, but I would need to learn to crochet/knit first. Haha... poor Tig might end up with a very ugly cave!
  • Vintage trunk bed (Take Courage) Combining kitty's love of boxes and beds. Purrfect! Cat nest heaven.
  • Minimalist doghouse bed (vtwonen) The Dalis are loving you polkadot bed, Domino! :)
  • Sweater dog bed (Woman's Day) A Dalmatian sized sweater? Hmm... Maybe as a cat bed at our place!
  • Granny square dog bed (Joann) with matching bandana. Definitely out of my skill zone, but cute and fun!

Want to now what we eventually came up with?  Get the scoop on our favourite beds: pre-fab, hacked, and custom DIY along with  how to make your own easy, inexpensive, stylish, and super comfy customised pet beds.  We share what I used to do it, what it cost (bargain!), and how I made it all.  I am not an exceptional seamstress, so if I can do it, you can do it!  All you need are a few basic sewing supplies and some time.

Dalmatian dog lying on stack of homemade dog beds

As we add new nesting ideas and DIYs to our site, you will be able to find the all via our beds post label (see the footer for more related posts).  Enjoy, happy crafting, and sweet doggy dreams! Kitty cats too - we have plenty of nests around here in all shapes and sizes.

Fluffy white cat sitting on window seat bench cushion

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