Sunday, 7 June 2015
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Spotted: DIY Black and White Polka Dot Nail Polish

Ok...this may be just a little bit much for my everyday style, but polka dots are probably one of the few forms of nail art that I could actually manage to DIY without becoming the poster girl for Pinterest-fails. Perhaps just a little accent nail or some secret pedicure polish... Come on, you know you want to!

Collection of DIY black and white polka dot nail polish ideas

My little garden helpers could definitely use a paw-dicure hehehe but I doubt I'd stand a chance of anyone staying still for pretty polishing up these talons, so I think I'll stick with my own nails for now! :)

Dirty Dalmatian dog paw from digging in garden

Love the dots lots and lots? We have a Spotted! board on Pinterest where we will be pinning our polka dotted discoveries, and we would absolutely love for you to share your dotty ideas and/or links here with us in the comments so that we can check them out for future inspiration.

Dalmatian DIY "Spotted!" polka dot Pinterest board screenshot

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