Monday, 3 August 2015
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Watermelon Day! DIY Watermelon Pet Treats

Collection of watermelon dog treat recipes

My crazy calendar tells me that today is Watermelon Day and, while its winter here, we thought that we would share some watermelon treat ideas with those of you sweltering through the dog days of summer:

📅  In the years since writing this post, we've added a watermelon treat to our own recipe collection. My boys rather enjoy sharing watermelon as-is (freshly cut, seeds removed), but they can't resist a yummy gummy either! Watermelon gummies are perfect as cool refrigerator dog treats or portable picnic goodies. 

Sorry, cool cats, but I wasn't able to find any watermelon treat recipes for kitty with photos to include in the collage above, but you can try watermelon straight-up (or frozen) or there is a recipe for vegan Fruit Deluxe on the PETA website if you are feeling adventurous! will, however, show you how to carve a watermelon cat and not (at least not yet) how to carve a watermelon dog.

How to carve a watermelon into a cat shape (Image credit:

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