Friday, 16 October 2015
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Spotted: Dalmatian Style Halloween DIY Costumes

Show us your spots this Halloween!  Here are some fun DIYs for dressing up as a Dalmatian. The signature spots are easy to DIY onto white clothing, or you can sew your own with print or polka dot fabric.  Dalmatian costumes are fun on their own, but are also a great opportunity for combination costume dressing, such as a fireman and firedog, Cruella with puppies, or Roger and Anita with Pongo, Perdita and/or more of the 101 Dalmatians.  If you have Dalmatians, they can easily join in the spotty fun, but any dog can be a Dalmatian for Halloween with a polka dot bandana, jumper, or coat. Human or canine, there should be plenty of treats involved! 

A collection of DIY Dalmatian Halloween costume ideas

From upper left:

We have some fabulous spotty DIY Halloween decoration ideas all lined up to share with you next week, so stay tuned for more polka dot ideas next week!  We still have plenty of special homemade dog treat recipes in store for you as well, including two more weeks of pawesome Howl-oween goodies.

PS: If you would like just a little bit of spotty playfulness instead of a whole costume (or want to be the best Cruella ever!), check out our past round-up of polka dot nail polish DIYs.

A collection of DIY polka dotted Dalmatian nail polish design ideas

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