Friday, 18 December 2015
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DIY Dog Treat Christmas (or Any Occasion) Wreath

How to make your own dog bone treat Christmas wreath

Treats, in any shape or form, are great gifts for dogs (and their humans). If you are looking for a very fun and festive way to "package" your present, perhaps try a DIY dog treat wreath.  It is much simpler than it might look. A similar wreath can be inexpensively put together using a few simple supplies, and most of the components are edible, reusable, or recyclable. Pawfect!  Here are the DIY details.

Homemade dog bone treat and ribbon Christmas wreath

We have seen a number of fabulous different styles of doggy wreaths over the years, but I wanted to create a version that had a nice bottom for the option of resting vs. hanging display and a formal wreath style mirrored-look as opposed to an all-around diagonal circle of treats. Our wreath was made to come apart and still look pretty without treats, and aims to maximise potential reuse of the supplies. Less the treats, of course!

The materials and supplies used to make this wreath:
  • A wire wreath support or a handmade equivalent  A cut-out ring of sturdy cardboard will work!
  • Solid bone shaped treats Can be homemade, but nice store bought treats offer a sturdy, consistent option.
  • Ribbon in your choice of colour(s) Length will depend on size of wreath.
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape

To make a similar dog bone wreath:

  • Secure one end of your base ribbon (green on my wreath) to the wreath form with tape (can hot glue, staple, or stitch if you prefer).  Loop several times for security, the start working your way around the wreath with overlapping diagonal passes until the wreath is fully covered. Loop around the start/end point several times for extra security, tape to secure, and cut the excess ribbon. This will be the top of your wreath. Optional: Leave a small length of unwrapped ribbon for a hanging loop and/or to secure a decorative bow
  • Just to one side of this top point, using the same ribbon or another complimentary colour (red on my wreath), tape and loop one end of your treat wrapping ribbon to secure, then commence working your way around the wreath on a diagonal wrapping a bone treat into the front of each loop.  Ensure there is enough tension in your loops to hold the treat securely.  
  • Once you are halfway around the wreath, loop several times, then cut and secure the end your ribbon with tape. This will be the bottom of the wreath.
  • Repeat starting from the other side of the top and working in the opposite direction.  Ensure you have a nice tidy bottom when doing your final wrap and cut.  
  • If you wish, embellish with a fancy bow or other decorative elements.

Step-by-step how to make a dog bone treat Christmas wreath

I LOVED the final result, as did the dogs. As anticipated, it was far to enticing to display for long - there was much pining and longing stares with intermittent attempts to climb the wall!  In our opinion, for many dogs (our included) it is more suitable as a novel gift than a longer term decorative element.  You can simply slip the bones out with relative ease (crack one if you need to create a little slack) for storage in the treat jar.  We had let the dogs "have" the wreath for a few pictures before slipping out the treats. Such fun! :)  Don't worry - there was no wild binge after these pics. Each was rewarded with one treat and the rest went into their goodie or two may have had an extra bite mark though! The underlying wreath and bow still looks quite nice (ours is currently back on the mantle as a ribbon wreath sans treats), but also comes apart easily into the initial materials with minimal waste so you can reuse almost everything if you wish. Yeah!

Two Dalmatian dogs enjoying a dog bone Christmas wreath

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