Monday, 14 December 2015
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Guest Posting a Creative Christmas Decor DIY

Metallic silver painted papier mache dog figurine with Christmas decorations

Need a little bit of decorative doggy flair for your holiday vignette or perhaps a creative DIY Christmas present for a dog lover?  Check out our guest post at Creativity Unmasked for the details on how to turn just about any object into a vintage-style faux metallic decoration.  We won't judge if you decide to make a cat ornament. We promise... For an alternative approach, a fancified frame and photo of the furry friends is always a great gift too!  You could even frame some homemade paw prints

Metallic silver painted dog ornament and gold tree with Christmas decorations

If you are keen to create a dog figurine but don't have and can't find a pre-fab dog figurine, you can also make your own from scratch. Papier mache (larger) or clay (smaller) would work nicely, just remember that colours won't really matter if you are painting the finished sculpture.  Not sure where to start?  There are some really cool tutorials online that will help - there are even breed specific tutorials for your favourite doggy shape. Here are a few quick links:

Metallic silver painted dog ornament with Christmas decorations

Stay tuned for more festive fun over the coming days!  We have more Christmas treat recipes for you on Wednesday and a pawesome DIY dog wreath tutorial you you coming up on Friday before we start our Christmas blog "paws" with visiting family and friends.

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