Saturday, 23 January 2016
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DIY No-Sew Australia + New Zealand Flag Bow Ties

Dalmatian dog with DIY New Zealand flag bow tie

With Australia Day celebrations fast approaching, we had planned to share a special pre-Australia Day DIY dog round-up with you as we have on other national holidays; however, there weren't a lot of Aussie flag inspired doggy DIYs readily available to share so we created one ourselves!  Since the observation of Waitangi Day is just around the corner in New Zealand and ANZAC Day will be here before we know it, we DIYed no-sew dog bow ties for both flags so you can pick and choose for your patriotic pups.

Step-by-step making a dog bow tie with ribbon New Zealand flag

The materials and craft supplies used in making the bow ties shown are:
  • Fabric
  • Ribbons
  • Fusible Webbing Tape
  • Scissors

To make bow ties as a no-sew craft:, you will need fusible webbing (e.g. iron-on hem tape), an iron and ironing board (you may wish to use a cloth under and/or over to protect your board and/or iron from any stray webbing), scissors, a scrap of blue cotton, red and white satin ribbon, glue, and scrap fleece or felt in red (New Zealand) or with (Australia).  To keep things no-sew, the stars can be glued, but they can also be easily tacked in place with quick corresponding thread stitch.  All fusible attachments can be sewn instead if you wish.
  • Cut a rectangle of blue fabric approximately 2x as wide and 1.5x as high as you would like your finished bow tie.  If creased or wrinkled, iron flat for a fresh starting surface.
  • Fold and fuse the top and bottom hems. This back surface will be hidden inside the finished bow tie.
  • Fold the sides inwards to meet at the middle to check your midpoint. Mark or iron a crease at the edges and center if you wish - this will help you line up and measure/place ribbon in the next steps.
  • Using your fabric as a visual guide, measure and cut ribbon to form your Union Jack such that the diagonals and vertical cross will all extend well past the top and bottom of the hemmed rectangle.
  • Using an iron and board, sequentially attach the ribbons with fusible webbing, starting with the diagonals.
  • Once the diagonals are both in place, position and fuse the edges of the vertical cross but NOT the center.
  • Pass webbing and your three horizontal ribbons under the vertical red ribbon and fuse.
  • Place a small piece of webbing under the vertical red ribbon at the center and fuse to secure.
  • Flip and carefully fuse your ribbon edges from the diagonals and vertical cross to the back surface. This back surface will be hidden inside the finished bow tie.
  • The exposed (outside) edge of your horizontals can be carefully trimmed and fused neatly to the back (as per the ties shown) or, if you prefer, simply trim square and either carefully flame seal, fray-stop, or glue to inhibit fraying.  The inside (center) edge will be hidden within the middle of the finished tie.  Trim and fuse or glue if/as needed.
  • Fuse the edges of your fabric rectangle to meet in the center.
  • For Australia, cut small pieces of white fleece or felt to form your stars and secure in place with glue (or stitching). For New Zealand, cut small pieces of red fleece or felt and do the same. Ensure glue is dry before proceeding. Alternatively, tack in place with a needle and thread to secure. You can also stamp stars using paint or embroider them. For the latter, you may find it easier to sew before fusing the back.
  • Pinch the tie together in the middle and secure with a complimentary ribbon.  You can leave the edges to tie dangle as a bow (or provide an easy tie-on to your dog's collar) or trim and tuck.

Homemade New Zealand flag dog bow tie with ribbons

Whatever your location and celebrations or observations, we hope it's a pawesome day!  If there are fireworks in your area, please ensure that your pets are safe and secure.  Don't forget to share only dog-safe treats from your feast or make a few patriotic pup treats with the help of some suitable berries or a little food colouring.  We think that these no-bake snowball truffle dog treats look a lot like dog lamingtons, too. :) Woofs!

Dalmatian dog with Australian flag bow tie
Smiling Dalmatian dog with New Zealand flag bow tie


  1. Ohh that is so cool! And that last photo would look amazing if turned into a doggy portrait, look at that smile!

    1. He is a handsome little devil, isn't he? Unlike Oli, our lovely older dog who smiles the minute he sees a treat (or a camera!), Humphrey often gives use a solemn intense "hand over the treat" glare. He's just now learning the persuasive power of the grin - mirroring Oli no doubt. :)


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