Friday, 12 February 2016
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DIY Rolled Fabric and Ribbon Rosette Dog Collar

Dalmatian dog wearing a DIY rolled ribbon rosette dog collar

Today's DIY is extra special (and extra cute)! Here's how to make your own rolled fabric (or ribbon) flower dog collar decorations.  Make one for Valentine's Day or pin this to your future crafting list for including your dog in an upcoming wedding or special event.  It is easier than you might think, and there are sew and no-sew options depending on your preferences.

The materials and craft supplies used in making the rosettes shown are:
  • Fabric and Ribbon
  • Low-Temp Hot Melt Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Supplies (Optional)
Step-by-step how to roll fabric into a flower rosette

Making Rolled Fabric Flowers:  

Note: Additional instructions, tips, and ideas for making (and using) rolled rosettes are available on our partner blog at Creativity Unmasked.
  •  Choose your fabric/ribbon materials and cut strips to size.  The length needed depends on how big you would like your final roses to be.  The wider/thicker your fabric or ribbon, the larger the petals will seem in the finished flower and you will "fatten up" faster than with a thinner ribbon.  Very thin ribbons, like chiffon, take a much longer length to achieve the same size flower as fabric or thick satin ribbon.
  • Optional for Fabric: As shown, if your want to avoid visible cut-edges (edges can be nice in rustic styles) in your rosette, you can fold the edged inwards to meet in the middle, fold in half, then sew to make a "ribbon" strip of thicker and more finished looking fabric.
  • Optional for Ribbon: If your ribbon is prone to fraying, you can carefully seal the ends with a lighter (synthetics) or fray stop. 
  • Tie a knot at one end of the strip. 
  • Twist/fold the strip away from you, and then wrap/roll it around the center. This is what creates the illusion of petals as you build the rosette.
  • Repeat the twist-and-roll motion, periodically securing as you go.  I use a little dab of low-temp hot glue hidden behind the roll, but you can stitch if you prefer.  Careful - low-temp is still hot!
  • When you are near the end of the ribbon or have reached your target size, fold the ribbon towards the bottom of the rose and secure it in place. Trim the ends if/as needed.

Step-by-step how to make a rosette flower dog collar

Making a Flower Dog Collar Decoration: 

You can finish off the bottom of your single roseette by gluing on a little circle of felt to hide the ends and pretty things up, and embellish the rose with leaves, rhinestones, etc if you wish.  For our collar decoration arrangement as shown:
  • In complimentary colours, create three rosebuds: one large, one medium, and one small.
  • Cut a small piece of complimentary felt and place it on a firm flat surface. 
  • Glue the underside of the flowers to the heart, taking care to tuck under any ribbon ends and ensure the roses are positioned tightly together. Take care, low-temp glue is still hot!
  • Trim your felt if needed. Optional: Add a few stitches to ensure the rosettes are firmly secured to each other and the felt backing.  If you wish, when you are ready to add your attachments, you can add a second layer of felt (as shown above) to cover your stitching for a fully-finished appearance on the back.
  • Cut leaves from from green felt and glue them into the gaps in your rosette arrangement. We made them heart-shaped (just because!) and added a few veins with green fabric pen. 
  • Add attachments to suit your needs - see tips below.

Tips for attaching embellishments to your dog's collar:  

The best method of attachment really varies depending on the size and temperament of your dog, the type of collar, and the type of flair/embellishment.  A lightweight decoration may be fine with a simple attached loop of elastic or Velcro to slip only the collar.  Larger pieces (like this wider decoration) may need several loops of firm elastic or wide Velcro. For an all-around collar or to make sure that things stay in place for a very special event or with an extra active pup, you may even prefer to sew the flowers to a matching collar slide or directly onto the collar.  Good behaviour to go with the good looks is not guaranteed. 

Dalmatian dog wearing a homemade rolled ribbon rosette dog collar
DIY rolled ribbon rosette and fabric flower dog collar

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