Friday, 15 April 2016
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DIY Dog Collar Gathered Ribbon Poppy

Dalmatian dog at military cemetery wearing a red ribbon collar poppy

For commemorations like ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, we encourage buying a poppy for all of the human members of your family to support the fundraising efforts of your local veterans group; however, in the interest of sturdy safety, here is a DIY poppy for your furry family members.  The puppy poppy also makes a cute broach or hair accessory for humans, and can be easily adapted in different colours for other floral flair - human or canine!

The materials and craft supplies used in making the poppy shown are:
  • Red Ribbon
  • Black Button
  • Green Felt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Supplies Hand sewing only - easy peasy!

Step-by-step making a rolled ribbon remembrance poppy

  • Cut a length of red ribbon. Length depends on how full you would like your flower to be when finished.  Since we want our poppy relatively flat (one ruffled circle), around 2x the finished perimeter of the flower is plenty.  If you are interested in making fuller flowers, use a longer ribbon and spiral instead of just completing a single ruffled circle).
  • Sew a running stitch along one lengthwise edge.
  • Pull the thread to gather the ribbon into a circle, taking care to arrange the circlet neatly and evenly. Adjust if/as needed to ensure that both ends finish on what will be the back side of your flower, where possible.
  • Sew the loose ends to secure, concealing them at the centre where possible.
  • Sew a black button (or small circle of black felt) to the front of your poppy to form a centre.
  • Optional: Cut a small leaf from green felt and attach to the back of the poppy by sewing or gluing neatly in place to finish the back and add extra character to your poppy.

DIY rolled ribbon poppy of remembrance

As detailed in our rolled ribbon rosette dog collar embellishment DIY, the best method of attachment for flair depends on your flair and your dog. For a simple and lightweight decoration like this, attaching a little loop of elastic that can be slipped over the collar works nicely for most pets, but you can use any method that you wish. Do make sure that it is secure, and flair should only be for special occasions with you present - safety is always more important than style.

Dalmatian dog wearing a rolled ribbon remembrance poppy on his collar

On the subject of safety, remember that real poppies are considered to be toxic for dogs if ingested (mild to moderate), so if you have real flowers or plants in the vicinity for ANZAC Day, please do take care. If you are planting poppy seeds on ANZAC Day for Armistice Day flowers, consider your dog's safety when selecting planting locations. We've confined ours to the front garden.  Classic rosemary is considered dog-safe in moderation. My boys quite like to rub themselves along the giant old rosemary shrubs in our neighbourhood, and they smell great afterwards!

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