Friday, 22 April 2016
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DIY Dog Tug Toys (and Birthday Party Wrap Up)

Dalmatian dog playing with homemade rainbow woven fleece dog tug toy

By request, we've slipped in a bonus post for this week's big birthday bash with our DIY tug toys (a perfect present for any occasion or just because) and photos of the boys at play.

We have several DIYs for fleece tugs on the blog, some simple, others a bit fancier.  The birthday tugs are just simple woven fleece tug toys, made using a box knot and some colorful leftover fleece from other projects. Very easy to make and even easier with practice. It isn't usual for toys to last minutes around here, including some very expensive "robust" dog toys; however, the fleece tugs are unexpectedly durable (and popular, as you can see!). 

Dalmatian dogs playing with homemade woven fleece dog tug toys

Now that the birthday celebration posts are all wrapped up, we will be back to our usual post schedule next week; however we'll be starting a day late, shifting the Monday recipe to Tuesday out of respect for the ANZAC Day holiday and commemorations on Monday. Lest we forget. ❀

Grey camouflage fleece dog tug toy with ribbon poppy

The circlet toy pictured above is the same basic tug toy, but the working end was knotted around the starting end to close the loop - an easy variation. The gathered ribbon poppy is our DIY collar embellishment and just placed in the photo for looks, not play.

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