Friday, 29 April 2016
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DIY Felted Wool Heart with Dog Fur

DIY needled felted heart made with pet fur from dogs and cats

With this post I have crossed the line into a true crazy pet person; however, read on my lovelies and you too may join me in the blissful madness.  This small pink heart contains a secret center filled by our pets - much like my own heart.  It is a simple craft, but does require a few special supplies, including a felting needle, wool roving in a colour of your choice, and (optional) a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

I use a Clover needle felting pen tool and find it very easy to handle, but you can use a plain felting needle or any tool you wish.  My roving (love!) is from Ashford, locally produced in New Zealand.  You can find wool roving through specialists, large craft stores, or online. Using a cookie cutter instead of manually shaping was inspired by this DIY heart garland at My Poppet.

This Mother's Day pet craft contains a little bit of fur from all three of our pets; however, it won't be my last furry heart! As much as I hate to ever think of losing any of my boys, I plan to make another individual heart for all of our pets that I can keep forever along with their clay paw prints. Make your own now while you can giggle about it - the only downside of needle felting is avoiding stabbing your own fingers and post-loss tears would definitely not help!

Step-by-step making a needled felted heart using fur from dogs and cats

 To make your own pet fur-filled needle felted heart:

  • Enjoy some s-paw time and give your pet a good brushing, then collect some fur from the brush.
  • Stuff a layer of wool roving into the cookie cutter, taking care to fill the bottom and cover sides.
  • Fill the inside of the heart with your fur.
  • Stuff additional wool roving onto the top, taking care to ensure the fur is fully surrounded.
  • Needle the wool, taking care as noted above, turning periodically.  Be attentive when working near the sides to ensure that the heart is well-felted and that you don't break your needle. Add additional wool roving at anytime for even coverage or additional thickness if needed.
  • Once you are happy with the thickness and have a firm felty heart, remove it from the cookie cutter.  
  • Carefully needle the sides if/as needed to firm up any fuzzy areas and other final tidy-up if/as needed. Remember to examine both sides. Take extra care at the cleft of the heart to ensure it is well-shaped. You can leave your other edges sharp, or round them slightly as I did with my heart - be cautious near the bottom to avoid accidentally rounding the pointy tip of the heart. 
✂️  Needle felting is best done on a soft surface, such as a foam pad; however, you can work with care on other surfaces if you prefer. ALWAYS keep track of your fingers (ouch) and enter/exit straight to avoid breaking your needle(s). Every needle action compresses and entwines the wool fibres, slowly turning the loose wool/fur into firm felt. Don't be intimidated - felting is as simple as repeating that action over and over. It just takes time, patience, and attention to detail. Peppy music is a fun addition and this is very cathartic crafting if you are feeling a bit "stabby".  Haha!

DIY needled felted pet fur heart and clay paw prints


  1. P.S. Ref a question by DM and shared here for anyone else wondering the same: If you pets have woolly fluffy fur, you can indeed make your own pseudo wool (if you wish); however, for short/wirey haired pets, even if you blend fur and wool roving, it stays visibly furry. Quality wool roving makes a huge difference when crafting - much easier to felt with. The felt furball necklace previewed with our Mother's Day printable freebies will have more info on felting with fut in next week's two-part DIY. :) Stay tuned, and don't be shy to comment, message, or email if you ever have any questions for us.

  2. On a very sad note, our senior cat, Tiger, has passed away and I am so very glad that I have this little fur-filled heart from happier times. If your pet is ill, you can collect fur during brushing and set it aside for when you would like to use it. If you pet is very ill or has passed, most vets will allow you to have some fur (or even clip it for you) as a keepsake of your beloved friend. Our kind vet trimmed a lock of Tiger's fur for me to keep.


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