Friday, 1 April 2016
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Easy Upcycled DIY Dog Treat Jar

Homemade dog treats in a jar with a clay bone shaped TREAT tag

In this week's recipe post, we showed you a super cute little dog treat jar and promised the DIY details, so here goes!  This is a very simple upcycling craft and the embellished jars are a great way to gift homemade treats.

Our treat jar was made using an empty salsa jar, but any sturdy glass jar will do - ideally with a plain lid (ours had a manufacturer's code, which was easily hidden under out bone label), but you can spray paint a printed lid if necessary.  The tag can be made using air dry clay and paint (as shown) or pre-tinted polymer clay in the colour of your preference. If you want to add a personalised message, you can use rubber stamps or metal punches (as shown). Hot-melt glue is handy for attaching the label to the lid, or it can be attached with thick double-sided adhesive if you would like it to be removable.

Step-by-step making a clay dog treat jar tag shaped like a bone stamped with TREATS

To make your own clay dog bone treat tag:

  • Select your clay and work a small quantity in your hands until conditioned to a soft and pliable state. I used the same air-dry clay as our clay paw prints.
  • Roll flat, as you would cookie/biscuit dough. 
  • Cut the clay to shape using a cookie/biscuit cutter.  Not quite right?  No problem!  Just re-roll the clay and start again. 
  • If adding a custom message, lay-out your stamps in advance of stamping to make sure you have the order right.  Leave gaps for any repeated letters and double-check your spelling, size, etc before starting. 
  • Stamp the surface, taking care to get a clean deep impression. Again, you can  remove the clay and start again at anytime if needed.  It can be helpful to start from the middle of your word to get things centered.  I added a little extra border embellishment with the tip of a toothpick.  If you are making a removable label, consider including a hole at one/both ends for future re-use as a decoration or tag.
  • Leave to air-dry or bake according to manufacturer's directions for your chosen clay.
  • Optional: If adding paint (as shown), apply to manufacturer's directions.  I prefer to paint the bottom first, then the edges/top so that the visible surfaces have a nice clean finish.
  • Optional: If adding paint to the pattern (i.e. antiquing), dilute a small amount of acrylic paint slightly with water and brush into the crevices of your stamped design using a small brush or a cotton bud.  Wipe any excess paint from the raised surfaces with a damp cloth. Work quickly to avoid discolouration in unwanted areas.
  • Optional: If adding glaze, wait until your paint (if used) is full dry and apply to manufacturer's directions.
  • Glue the label to the lid or (if you prefer the jar to be temporary use only) attach the label with thick double-sided adhesive.  

Fill with treats and enjoy!  This is a very easy DIY upcycle, and makes a great way to wrap and present gifts of homemade treats to your friends.  Be aware that the finished jar itself is still fully washable (and still fully recyclable as standard glass), but the labelled lid should only be hand-wiped with care. 

Homemade dog treats in a jar with a clay bone shaped TREAT tag, cookie cutters, and bows

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