Friday, 29 July 2016
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DIY Olympic-Inspired Dog Tug Toy Ideas

Olympic ring coloured woven fleece loop dog tug toys

With the Olympics just around the corner, why not have some creative fun and games at home with your pup with a simple tug toy in your favourite Olympic colour(s) (or go completely overboard with all five!) or get pup-triotic with your national colours for cheering together?

Straight tugs are the simplest toy in our DIY dog toy collection and can be made in any colour combo, although weaving odd numbers can be a little tricky (I used eight strips in couples, but paired the yellow and black for the toy shown with Humphrey below). If your kiddos are helping with the crafts, picking your colours and weaving together is an excellent opportunity to talk about the symbology, history, meaning behind the colours used in the official Olympic symbols.  

Basic loop tug toys, like those shown here, are a very easy adaptation on the straight tugs made by knotting the working end back around the starting end, or slipping them through and then knotting.  Although they aren't round rings, they are very fun to play with and much simpler than a "perfect" circle tug toy.  If you're up for something a little more creative, try our DIY medal tug toys - they're pawesome!  As fandamonium sets in, don't forget a little national pride flair - we have plenty of DIYs for pet bandanas and accessories (like our no-sew NZ flag bow tie pictured below) that you can adapt to your own colours or local patriotic fabrics.  Have fun!

Olympic ring coloured woven fleece dog tug toy
Red white and blue woven fleece dog tug toy and New Zealand flag bow tie
Smiling Dalmatian dog with woven fleece gold silver bronze medal tug toys


  1. Feeling a bit stupid asking this, but when you say "made by knotting the working end back around the starting end" I'm not sure if I am doing it right. It looks like two but mine doesn't look the same still. Should there be one knot or two or does it go through then knot? Can you share pictures if you have some?

    1. Absolutely! Sorry to hear that it's proving tricky for you, but I do indeed have plenty of pictures and will slide a quick post into today's line up before our usual Monday treats with some photos and details for you. In brief, either works, and don't be too heard on yourself about what things do or don't look like - as long as it's secure and you're playing together you dog won't be judging looks, just fun. :) I'll be back with a link soon.

    2. Freshly added - pics/details on how to make a basic loop dog toy as well as info/links on some loop variations. Hope that helps you and others! :)


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