Monday, 13 February 2017
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Doggone Great DIY Ideas for a Valentine's Day with Dogs

Red truffle dog treats on a table with pink and red hearts and drawstring treat bags

Happy (almost!) Valentine's Day!  Today we're rounding up some doggone great ideas for having a pawesome Valentine's Day with your dog.  All that unconditional doggy love definitely deserves a little something special.

Ok, I know that we're crazy about the treats here at Dalmatian DIY, but I'm going to start our list of ways to show your dog a little love this Valentine's Day with time together, preferably doing something that your dog really enjoys like walkies, training, a run, hiking, a car ride, trip to the beach, etc.  There's nothing better than time, attention, mental stimulation and exercise.  It's also free and good for both you and your dog. Win win!  If your dog is a social animal, how about planning a doggy play-date with some furfriends?  This might be a little tricky to coordinate since Valentine's Day is on a weekday this year, but I'm sure your dog would accept a weekend IOU.

Playing together with toys is also great fun.  Enjoy some playtime with you dog's favourite toys or treat them to a new toy or two.  If your local pet store allows dogs, you might even be able to go shopping together! If you'd like to make instead of buy, we have lots of awesome DIY dog toy ideas in our archives, including some special Valentine toys like our Love Bone squeaky softie and Cupid's Arrow tug toy (pictured below).

Don't forget to take a few photos of you and your Valentine having fun together.  Even better, why not book a photo session for you and your dog to have your portraits taken together and create some special images to treasure?  You might also like to create pawprints (see how to make clay pawprints) or other special mementos.  

After all that exercise and fun, you can indulge your pup with a few guilt-free treats.  If you'd like to make instead of buy, check out our homemade dog treat recipe ideas, including some special Valentine treats like the Beetroot and Carob "Red Velvet" Truffles pictured above. You can also make any roll-and-cut treats using heart cookie cutters or gummy/frozen style treats using heart shaped molds to turn any favourite treat into a special Valentine treat.

Whew, what a day! Curl up together and relax with a few special snuggles. If your dog doesn't mind the noise (mine dislike on-screen barking), you can even enjoy a dog-themed movie together.

Are you still in contact with your pet's source? If you don't already do this (I like to message at Christmas and birthdays), why not contact the breeder or charity/rescue that your dog came from, let them know how he/she is doing, and thank them for the love and joy your pet brings into your life? 

A donation to your favourite animal charity in their name is a lovely way to pay-it-forward so that other animals can find their furever homes and feel the love someday.  This is also a beautiful way to honour departed furfriends.  There are plenty of shelter dogs that could use a little hands-on TLC if you'd like to volunteer with your local charity.  This is also a great way to get some doggy love and snuggles if you aren't able to own a dog of your own. :)

Looking for more doggone great Valentine's Day ideas?  Use the post labels in the footer below to explore related posts, including all of our Valentine's Day content. We also have a Pinterest board of Valentine's Day doggy DIYs, recipes, and more.  Have a great Valentine's Day!
Dalmatian dog playing with homemade Cupid's arrow dog toy

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