Friday, 7 April 2017
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Free Printable Easter Dog Treat Tags and Labels

A little Easter treat from us to you! Pretty pastel Easter-themed treat labels and tags for those of you who plan on sharing a few Easter treats with friends or perhaps packing up doggy bags for furry guests at next weekend's celebrations. Make sure that you follow the links to access the high res file(s), don't just save the compressed blog-friendly versions that you see here in the post. 

Ooops! Sorry, furfriends! Due to a technical issue, our original files have been replaced with updated versions. Since the designs are slightly different, we've also added extra designs and colours to give you extra choices. Yeah! You can find our new-and-improved collection of Easter tags here, and we also have a giant set of text-free paw tags in a rainbow of different colours if you'd prefer a blank tag for your own messages. We hope you like the new freebies!

Easter dog treat tags and labels in a variety of pastel colours

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