Friday, 19 May 2017
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Doggy Dessert Chefs Pee Wee and Rose Visit New Zealand!

Homemade dog treats with baking supplies

Look who has come all the way to New Zealand for a visit!  It's Pee Wee and Rose from Doggy Dessert Chef in special virtual guest form. After all that travel, they were hungry and a little homesick so they decided to help bake a few of their favourite treats to share with the spotty new friends using one of their Mom's special recipes.  After a good night's snooze to shake their jet lag, they headed out for a tour with Humphrey of all his favourite places:

Dalmatian dog giving a virtual tour of New Zealand

Pee Wee really liked the giant tree-sized silver ferns along Humphrey's favourite paths. Rose liked the autumn leaves but thought it was strange that our seasons were reversed (Pee Wee also spent some time watching the toilet to see if that swirled backwards too...crazy dogs!). After a roll in the leaves and a dip in the river, it was off to the beach.  Humphrey convinced them to dip their toes in the Tasman...even if it was a little stormy and chilly.  Pee Wee and Rose particularly liked our black volcanic sand since it gave them great camouflage for trying to sneak up on sea gulls.  All that walking and splashing left everyone quite tuckered out. After a special request to try a little taste of real kiwi kiwi for a snack, the new friends all curled up for a well deserved nap before it was time for Pee Wee and Rose to continue their adventures somewhere new.  Invite them to your place or follow them via #doggychefs.

Homemade dog treats with baking supplies

Clever Pee Wee and Rose know the best way to make furfriends is with food, and baked a special batch of Sweet Potato Bacon Treats. Bacon! Oh my! That's a rare treat indeed around here, so Oli and Humphrey were drooling in anticipation while Pee Wee and Rose worked in the kitchen.  They weren't so sure about the strange kumara things I gave them instead for sweet potatoes but decided that the local version was pretty yummy indeed. They couldn't find the basil in my unfamiliar kitchen so swapped in some rosemary instead. Delicious. Great work, Doggy Chefs!

Step-by-step making homemade dog treats with kumara and bacon
Homemade dog treats with baking supplies

Safe travels on your adventures, Pee Wee and Rose!  We hope that you make many friends and discover lots of delicious local goodies as you travel.  Woofs from your new pals Humphrey and Oli!

Small sticker of dogs on a black sand beach


  1. I LOVE IT! You always take such beautiful pictures..

    1. Awww, thanks! It was my pleasure having Pee Wee and Rose as "guests" and thank you for the lovely photo compliment. :)


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