Friday, 26 May 2017
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Red White and Blue Marbled Star Treats for Patriotic Pups

These red white and blue treats for patriotic pups show how simple it is to adapt the same marbling technique as our Unicorn Bones to other fun treats. We're really feeling rather jealous of our American furfriends who will be having a long weekend for Memorial Day, but we're very good and giving dogs so we're going to share a special post for them all the same. :)  Don't forget to take some time in tribute to the reason for the holiday - see our Remembrance Day Dog post for some inspiring history.   Have a wonderful weekend, and stay safe furfriends!

Homemade red white and blue dog treats shaped like stars in a blue drawstring dog treat bag

Personally, I find that the trickiest thing about trying to create a red white and blue baked dog treat is aiming for "white".  Many of our favourite doughs are naturally coloured by their base ingredients. For those that aren't, very few white (or whitish) binders will stay white when baked.  These treats are made with the simple pale base of a pear baby food and rice flour - very simple - and were baked a little longer at lower temp to try and hold colour. Not true white, but not bad.  Other simple white/pale binding ingredients include cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt, etc.  Embrace a little beige - it will make your life easier and your dogs won't care!

Since true red and blue are tricky with natural colours, this small special occasion batch was tinted with a combination of both natural add-ins and food colourings - you can read more about tints for treats here.  Detailed step-by-step instructions for marbling treats are available in our Unicorn Bone dog treat recipe post, but I've included photos of these treats being prepped and key tips below.  

DIY red white and blue dog treats shaped like stars, step-by-step how to amke

If you are making a simple coloured dough, it's easiest to tint first; however, if your splitting dough for multiple colours I find it helps spread the colour and save your hands somewhat if you use a divet-fill-fold to start the blending process. Separate the dough into small pieces. Gather the pieces together and squeeze into a loose ball. Ensure a good distribution for variety and don't make the pieces too tiny, else your marbling will be muddy when rolled. Roll and cut into shapes.

🧩 Pick your cutter positions to take advantage of colour transitions and combinations. Since repeat reforming and rolling will muddy the marbling, cut larger shapes first and the smaller-pieces from the gaps and any re-rolled dough if/as needed. 

Chill if needed for your recipe, and then bake according to recipe, taking care not to brown your treats. This may require lowering your temperature and/or shortening baking time. Cooling in the oven or dehydrating after baking can help make things crisper, if you want a crunchier treat. Cool before serving and storage.

For detailed step-by-step instructions for making marbling dog treats, see our Unicorn Bone treat recipe.

These star treats are made with the same mix-the-tint method and marble techniques as the unicorn bones, just in a different colour scheme and shape.  If you'd like to get creative, you can also use this marbling technique with different combinations of roll-and-cut treat doughs for a melange of flavours as well as colours.

🦴 Hungry for more tasty treats?  You can explore from our treat navigation page, hop straight into our homemade dog treat ideas in the blog archives, search the blog from our sidebar, or use the labels below this post to find other recipes that might be of interest. Remember, treats (bought or homemade) are for spoiling your pup in moderation. We share ideas here from treats that we make ourselves for our pets, but different animals will have different preferences (likes/dislikes) and dietary needs. Some pets may have special dietary requirements and/or food allergies/intolerances. If you are ever in doubt or have questions about what's suitable for your pet, have a chat with your trusted vet.

Dalmatian dog looking at a homemade red white and blue dog treat shaped like a star
Dalmatian dog eating a homemade red white and blue dog treat shaped like a star


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