Friday, 2 June 2017
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DIY Squeaky Softie Sprinkled Donut Dog Toy

Dalmatian dog playing with a homemade donut shaped dog toy

Happy Donut Day!  Today's doggone great DIY is an easy-sew squeaky softie donut dog toy. It's a simplified versions of our DIY monogram birthday cake/eclair softie, made with external seams  for simple two-piece joining. Nibble on donuts?  Don't mind if we do!  Humphrey (like most of us when offered donuts...) was wild about it! Check it out:

Dalmatian dog playing with a homemade donut shaped dog toy

The materials and craft supplies used in making the toy shown are:
  • Polar fleece fabric
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • Squeakers
  • Sewing Supplies Can be fully hand sewn if you wish, but will be much quicker/easier if you have a sewing machine. Basic sewing skills are needed - nothing too fancy or difficult!

To make your own, you will need chocolate brown (or other colour of your choice) for the donut, a piece of white for the icing, mixed fleece scraps for embellishments (a great use for offcuts!), complementary coloured thread, stuffing, squeakers (optional) and scissors/sewing tools.  The toy can be hand sewn, but will be much easier if machine sewn.  Softie dog toys follow the same basic principles as you would use if sewing (or buying) for a small child - no loose parts to nibble free and everything securely stitched into a sturdy toy.

DIY dog toy shaped like a donut, step-by-step how to make

  • Cut two identical rings of brown fleece to the the full size for your finished toy plus seam allowance on all edges Everyday round objects make quick and easy templates - I used a plate and a glass. 
  • Cut a slightly smaller ring in the white fleece for your icing.  If you have pinking shears, these make a cute edging for your icing.
  • Cut small pieces of coloured fleece for sprinkles. I cut circles - cute, but a pain in the behind when sewing into place!  See our monogram toy for an easier rectangle example.
  • Using a complimentary thread colour, sew your icing onto the front of one ring. 
  • Sew your sprinkles securely into place. Trim any excess threads.
  • Sew the brown donut rings together around the middle donut hole. Right side out for visible seams as shown is an easy option for sewing a ring, but you can adapt for internal seams if you prefer. I sewed externally and then reinforced the inside seam with an extra lap of overlocking.
  • Sew the brown donut rings together around teh outside, leaving a gap for stuffing.
  • Add stuffing and (optional) squeaker(s). 
  • Sew to finish stitching the toy closed. Trim any threads if/as needed and enjoy! 

Dalmatian dog playing with a homemade donut shaped dog toy

Safety first, furfriends! Remember, no matter what a toy is made of or how it's made, toys are meant for supervised interactive play. Know your dog before giving him/her any new toy. Some dogs try to eat toys/parts (whether bought or handmade) and that's dangerous. Toys are for playing, and playtime is always safer (and more fun!) with you involved. You can read more on our dog toy safety page, including tips and helpful links for safer playtime. Have fun and play safe!

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