Monday, 18 September 2017
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Senior Dog Love - Oli Update - Vision, Mobility, and More

Before we jump back to fresh fun posts after our blog break and Humphrey's belated birthday bash, I'd be remiss if I didn't update our blog friends on our beautiful old boy Oli's ongoing health and senior dog struggles. Since it's too substantial a share for our usual Facebook updates, I've decided to share a quick update here on the blog.

Elderly Dalmatian dog walking in a field of daffodils

Oli is currently a happy-go-lucky old man of eleven big years of age. He is a genetic giant for his breed and unfortunately the bigger the dog the harder the years.  Not surprisingly, he's been slowing down; however, there have been some big changes in our Oli since this time last year. 

Oli retired from jogging last winter and although he still enjoys (demands!) his daily walk, it has slowed to a seniors stroll these days.  As shared in our New Year's catch up, this shift in activity necessitated major changes in how we exercise the dogs to try and give them both what they need. 

The unexpected development has been his declining eyesight.  As we've shared on Facebook and our other social networks, Oli is been suffering from age-related vision loss. His lower situational awareness make his mobility/stability extra difficult, and so too his confidence.  I'm very excited and more than a little bit nervous to share that we're starting per-surgery health checks in preparation for cataract surgery in the near future. I have full confidence in the veterinary ophthalmologist and team, but am anxious about the prospect of putting our beloved old Oli through the stress of anaesthetic/surgery as well as the post-op medications and healing process.  It will, of course, be worthwhile if he gets the green light to proceed and all goes well. I will just be a ball of nerves until then!  Please continue to keep Oli in your thoughts and we'll keep you updated along the way. 

He may be slower and less certain of his environment these days, but Oli is still a very happy dog and living a great life.  We'll do what we can to keep him that way and help him enjoy his golden years to the max.  If you're sharing life with an older pet, we've started a Senior Dog Love board on Pinterest and will be sharing/pinning interesting and informative finds there in the future. If you have tips for us or links you think we'd like to read for us and Oli, don't be shy to leave us a comment or connect with us somewhere on social media.

A special thank-you to those of you who have reached out to us with kind words, love for Oli, and tips/advice from your personal experiences with senior dogs, mobility issues, vision issues, and more. It is always great to hear from you, whether here on the blog, in our social media, or via private message/email.  It is truly appreciated. 

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