Monday, 4 September 2017
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We're Back! Hello September, Hello Spring!

Dalmatian dog walking on a forest trail, sniffing at spring flowers

We're back! Did you miss us? Our August blogging break was a great refresh away from our blog, email, and social media and now we're ready for creating and sharing more fresh and fun new posts. Yay! And on the subject of fresh, it's also officially springtime in our part of the world! Bring on the longer days, warmer weather, and (hopefully) a little drier too after our very soggy wet winter.

While we were offline, new posts still went live on the blog every Monday so that you so that you didn't miss us too much. :) In case you missed some of the latest shares, check our latest archives for our most recent posts including a gigantic collection of free mix-and-match paw print labels that we created in honour of Humphrey's birthday.  We'll see you again next week with our belated birthday bash posts from Humphrey's third birthday, which was during our break. 

Colourful craft and baking supplies on a floral background

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