Monday, 11 December 2017
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Two weeks until Christmas!  Are you ready for Santa Paws?  If (like me) you and the elves still have some shopping to do, here's the 2017 edition of our holiday ideas with tips for the dogs and dog lovers on your nice list. Woofs!

Smiling Dalmatian dog surrounded by wrapping paper and presents

For the dogs on your holiday list, treats and toys are easy go-to-gift ideas, whether bought or homemade.  We always add a few fun toys to the collection on holidays and special occasions - balls are always on the boys wish list. Half the fun is in ripping the wrapping for our wild things. Check out happy Humphrey smiling in his pile of ripped paper in the photo above from last Christmas. Cutie! 

Christmas is also a goof opportunity to replace or upgrade practical dog-care items like brushes, bowls, beds, collars, leads, car protectors, etc.  We usually swap out collars on birthdays and leads/leashes at Christmas if/as needed from wear-and-tear.  Add a personal touch to your gifts with items that are suited to shared activity, like a new running lead for joggers, safety lights for early/late outings, hiking accessories, or other specialist dog-friendly outdoor/sports gear.

For the tech lovers, check out some of the cool new pet gadgets on the market or dog-friendly accessories to tech gear that they already own, like a doggy harness/mount for their Go-Pro, Action Cam, etc.  If you have a dog-loving photography fan on your shopping list, photography accessories for their iPhone can open up a whole new range of pet photo options. For a very special gift, a DSLR camera is great for high quality pet photos. For newbies, consider gifting it with a DVD for the make/model or a quality photography book to help them learn their new tool. 

If you have a baker or an aspiring pet chef on your shopping list, or are simply keen to do more dog treat cooking/baking yourself, why not add a few kitchen gadgets and gizmos to the holiday gift list?  Dog-specific madness is always fun or general purpose baking gear also makes a great gift. Either way, there are bigger gift ideas like dehydrators, food processors, etc but also lots of stocking stuffer opportunities. Cookie cutters and cookie stamps are inexpensive and fun, and little kitchen utensils are always handy. If you have a dog-crazy crafter or creative on your shopping list, gift them a few doggone great craft materials or dog-patterned supplies for the craft stash, or perhaps the materials to make their own dog toys - squeakers are a must around here!  If you're feeling crafty yourself, taker a peek at our archives for lots of pawesome ideas for homemade presents or check out our Pinterest boards for even more pet-related crafting inspiration.

For the avid readers, there are plenty of doggone great books about or including dogs. Whether you're looking for an expert insight into dog psychology, advice for health and wellness, training guidance, true stories, novel tales, or simply a fun family read, there are dog books for everyone.

Not sure? No worries!  There are tons of novelty pet products that make fun presents or stocking stuffers, and they cover all ranges of budgets from gag gifts to precious presents and everything in between.

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