Tuesday, 5 December 2017
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DIY Dog Treat Jar {Guest Post} + Treat Jar Tips and Freebies!

Glass dog treat jar surrounded by homemade Christmas dog treats

We've helped the pet-loving team at Blog 4Knines share a VERY easy holiday doggy DIY for creating your own custom treat jar, no special skills or materials/tools required.  Visit the guest post for the scoop on how to make your own oh-so-fancy but oh-so-easy DIY dog treat jar. Shhh...nobody needs to know it only took you a few minutes to make! Create one for yourself or a whole batch as holiday gift jars for special animal-loving family and friends.

Glass dog treat jar surrounded by homemade Christmas dog treats

The treats pictured in the post were made using the same dough as our Autumn Apple Puppy Pie dog treats.  If you checked out the DIY treat jar details at Blog 4Knines, you may also have noticed this treat jar packaged up with ready-to-mix dog treat dry ingredients as a fun alternative to gifting pre-made treats (bought or homemade).  It's a neat gift idea for people who might enjoy baking their own treats but also if you are prepping pressies in advance, as homemade treats are best gifted fresh since they have short shelf lives.  We'll be sharing the yummy baked jar mix dog treats tomorrow, so stay tuned!  We also have more doggy DIY gifts coming up, including treat baubles and other treat jar ideas. 

Tips for filling a treat jar as a gift:  You can fill your treat jar with tasty treats, homemade or your ready-made favourites, but remember that homemade treats lack the preservatives of commercial treats and so they will have a much shorter shelf life. You can also use a treat jar as a container to make a mini gift-basket full of dog goodies instead of just treats. What to include depends on the reason for the gift, size of the jar, size of the dog, and your budget/imagination. Small gift item ideas include cookie cutters, ornaments, paw balm, poop bags, boop bag holders, dog whistles, safety lights, toys, and of course treats.

Tips for filling a ready-to-mix treat jar as a gift:  You can can turn the dry ingredients from any dog treat recipe into a ready to use jar of dog treat dough mix, but treat recipes with a variety of dry ingredients with different colours and textures work best if you want a layered look, like the jar in my photos. Combining different flours/grains and/or using dry add-in ingredients like carob, coconut, flax, etc help to create interesting layers.  If your favourite treat recipe is a little on the plain side for layering, consider mixing the dry ingredients all together instead. Easy peasy! If you jar doesn't have a flat lid to pack the top, it is harder to keep the layers in place during transport/gifting. Those types of jars, like the one shown in this post, are best hand-delivered so they can be kept stable and upright. A little cling film on the top can help, but won't prevent shifting if tipped. 

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Filing a lass dog treat jar with dry ingredients for homemade dog treats

Freebies!  Last but certainly not least, we have a few freebies to help gift your pressie in style.  My own pictured jar tag was made with cardstock and a tag punch and paw punch (affiliate links) but here are some free printables in case you'd like an easy no-tools alternative. Simply click the text link below to open the full-sized file and download from Dropbox to your computer for printing.  No matter what pawesome pressie your creating, you can wrap them up with our printable Christmas paw print tags (or use our some of our other freebies, like this awesome mix-and-match set).

These files were revised and updated to our new freebie format in 2018, with a different design than you may see in some old/outdated pins - hope you like them!


Green, red, and black DIY Christmas dog treat tags and labels
Green, red, and black DIY Christmas dog treat tags and labels

Note: These freebies have been shared via Dropbox as high resolution jpegs (A4 300ppi). You can easily resize, crop, and/or print multiples of the items that you want in the program of your preference.  Only print what you want to use, and please remember to recycle any extra bits or offcuts. 

As with all of our freebies, these are free for your personal / non-commercial use as a little gift from us to you.  It's absolutely not required, but it would be awesome and greatly appreciated if you joined us on social media, if you're not already following the fun.  Our links are on the siderbar upper right - please join us!  We also welcome social media shares and linking with love, but please link to this post, not the download direct. Thanks! 

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