Monday, 23 April 2018
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Oli's 12th Birthday Sneak Peek

Dalmatian dog looking at bone shaped treats stamped with "Oliver" "Twelve" "Barkday"

The big 1-2!  Thanks for all the social media love and birthday wishes you've shared with Oli in celebration of his birthday last week. Oli's pawty this year had a golden oldie theme, with all of the tasty treats in hues of all natural golden yellow and orange. Come and take a peek at all the yummy golden goodies!

Golden-themed buffet table with dog treats and birthday cake

The fancy pawty was a day after his birthday so that the family could be together and I may have gone a little overboard on the baking, but it's been a tough year for Oli and turning twelve deserves a fuss indeed. Plus the freezer needed to be re-stocked with treats. I did need to temper my flavours a little though, as our house is on the market in preparation for our upcoming move, so stinky fishes were a no-go. Boo!  We'll be sharing a barkday recipe post every day this week in special celebration of Oli's birthday, stay tuned for more soon, and please continue to send Oli all of your birthday love and wishes! Woofs!

Dalmatian dogs with assortment of golden coloured dog treats and cakes

Golden-themed buffet table with dog treats and birthday cake

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