Monday, 3 September 2018
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Free Printable Pet Birthday Dog and Cat Tags and Labels

Birthday treat and gift tags for cats and dogs

By special order of Sir Tiger, our cat brother birthday purrthday boy, we've added some birthday tags to our collection of pawesome printables made especially for cats.  I know! CATS! And we've shared them here on our dog blog! Feel the love, cat friends! Of course, the dogs demanded that there be a matching barkday set so we're sharing a double dose of birthday freebies. Woohoo!

As with all of our freebies, these are free for your personal / non-commercial use as a little gift from us to you. It's absolutely not required, but it would be awesome and greatly appreciated if you joined us on social media, if you're not already following the fun. We also welcome social media shares and linking with love, but please link to this post, not the download direct. Please help to support our blog and keep our content free by preserving and encouraging our visitor traffic. We really appreciate it! Thanks! 

Cat Purrthday - Blue | Green | Pink | Purple
Dog Barkday - Blue | Green | Pink | Purple

Birthday (purrthday) treat and gift tags for cats
Birthday (barkday) treat and gift tags for dogs

Note: These freebies have been shared via Dropbox as high resolution jpegs (A4 300ppi). You do not need to have a Dropbox membership/login to access the file. As images files, you can easily resize, crop, and/or print multiples of the items that you want in the program of your preference. Only print what you want to use, and please remember to recycle any extra bits or offcuts.

Looking for a different colour? General use tags? A different occasion?  You can explore all of our freebies, including our giant collection of text-free mix-and-matched coloured paw tags.  As some of you may have noticed in the temporary sidebar notice, we're updating and reformatting some of our old content and this includes a number of our freebies.  As a result, som older content may not be available in the short term, but on the bright side this is a great time to comment/message with any special requests. You never know what fun freebies may be coming your way in future posts. Yay!

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