Monday, 29 October 2018
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Halloween Mummy Recycled Paper Tube Treat Holder

Paper tubes with mummies drawn on them and ends folded to make pillow boxes filled with dog treats

There's definitely nothing fancy about these Halloween mummy treat holders, but there's tons of riptastic fun! They're free, recycled and recyclable (depending on your local area recycling programs), and very simple to make. Our boys LOVE ripping and puzzle opening, and a cardboard tube, empty box, or egg carton can compete with the fanciest of dog toys. The empty white cardboard tube was just begging to be mummified. Woofs!

Dalmatian dog begging for treats from a Halloween mummy treat box

The tube used for my mummies was a long tube, cut in half to a size similar to a toilet paper tube (our toilet paper tubes are brown), to make a mummy for each dog. The tube's spiral paper line creates a natural staring point for sketching out some mummy bandange wrapping lines.  Then eyes are added in a suitable position between those lines (don't forget to leave an allowance at the top for folding).  Draw on extra lines to create an opening in the bandages around the eyes to be filled in black, and then add a few extra lines to complete the bandage wrapping.  These are for pawing and pulling open, but it's best to be safer and use a non-toxic ink as there may be some mouthy ripping involved. 

As with our Christmas pillow boxes and party popper for pets, to fold the ends of the tubes but keep the body round, I like to lightly squeeze the working end of the tube to create opposing points, then fold down the sides to close the tube.  If you prefer a flat traditional pillow shape, flatten the whole tube to point/crease the sides instead of just squeezing the working end.

My paper-ripping pets would enjoy opening the rolls as-is, but these are pawesome for tucking a little treat or two, a few ratting bickies inside, or perhaps even a toy for a small pet like a cat.  The finished tubes hold closed without gluing/taping the ends if you aren't using heavy fillers. Rigidity varies with different cardboard rolls, and you can reopen/close the ends with care.

Step-by-step instructions for making a Halloween mummy pillow box using an empty toilet roll or paper towel tube

Safety first, furfriends! Playtime is always safer (and more fun!) together. Know what is/isn't suitable for your specific pet, take care, and supervise. Any wrapping you may use for pets, whether store bought or homemade, is strictly for ripping open, not for eating, and may not be suitable for some pets. 

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