Wednesday, 21 August 2019
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DIY Personalised Dog Party (or Anytime!) Bandanas

Dalmatian dogs wearing personalised birthday party bandanas

Oh those faces! I love these two cuties to bits, but like most siblings, they are suitably unimpressed when Mom dresses then in matching outfits for a posed photo. Haha! I refer to them as milestone mugshots. Our boys still have their reversible birthday dog bandanas (love these!), but I made new any-occasion personalised bandanas and created an extra for Humphrey's new little (no longer so little) bestie, puppy pal Cooper.

Dog party bandanas personalised with dogs names

I usually sew my own bandanas, but some time ago I spotted these "sprinkle" dog bandanas on clearance in the pet section of a local department store, bought three, and tucked them away for Humphrey's birthday. I thought it was a fun idea for the three boys to have matching bandanas, as Cooper was the odd pup out on Oli's birthday. The bandanas alone would be cute, but I decided to go a step further and personalise them using my Cricut. Personalising is a great project for homemade gifting, dog party favours, charity fundraising, and all sorts of things. Quick, easy, and cute!  

✂️  In addition to DIY and ready-made dog bandanas, depending on the size of the dog(s), napkins (like our ugly Christmas sweater DIY dog bandana) and handkerchiefs (like our easy embellished Valentine's Day dog bandana) also make great bases for customising your own bandanas. Unlike my dubious but cute/cheap clearance bandanas (I do feel guilty about fast fashion), they're also very durable for wear and wash. I'll also be adding some more easy DIYs here on the blog later in the year for sewing and no-sew bandanas, so stay tuned!

Step-by-Step DIY using Cricut heat transfer vinyl to decorate dog bandanas

Of the heat-transfer vinyl in my Cricut crafting stash, none of it seemed quite right to use solo on the sprinkle pattern, but layering two colours with a shadow effect allowed me to  use complimentary colours to the bandana fabric with improved visibility (and a little more style).  The text needed to be large and simple not to be overwhelmed by the sprinkles. 

The personalised iron-ons were made and applied in exactly the same way as our "Dali Daddy" and "Dali Momma" t-shirts, so hop on over and check out that post for full DIY details.

Dog birthday party buffet table with bandanas, hats, dog birthday cake, and homemade dog treats.

Dog birthday party buffet table with birthday cake and treats

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