Monday, 19 August 2019
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Humphrey's 5th Birthday

Cute dalmatian dog wearing birthday party bandana.

Our cheeky little weasel is a big boy of 5! Time goes so quickly. Our Facebook furfriends and Instagram pawpals got a sneak peak at Humphrey's barkday in last week's posts, and here are some photos from his birthday with the family and then extra barkday fun the following day with his bestie, puppy playmate super dooper Cooper. Here's all the details on our celebrations, with full recipes and DIYs to follow through the week.

Humphrey's real birthday had our usual droolfest of kitchen supervision over the baking of treats and cake. By popular request (including from Oli and Humphrey!) we revisited the simple surf'n'turf dog cake made for Oli's 13th birthday and remade it in our preferred meatloaf/patty style. I'll share the recipe and full cake making details in a follow-on post later this week. 

Dog birthday party buffet table with homemade meatloaf cake and dog treats.

Because I had more beef and fish than needed for the cake alone, I made beef and carrot meatballs (Humphrey loves carrots) and baked a batch of super stinky fresh fish bone treats. Because after the cake, the kitchen was already rather stinkilicious, so I figured I might as well go for it all at once. Recipes will all be shared in later posts. The taste testers were very happy, and the freezer is now well stocked indeed.  We also mixed up a batch of peanut butter, carob, and coconut oil dog treats and we always have some yummy gelatin gummy dog treats on hand in the fridge. Humphrey got two new homemade squeaky dog toys, and we had an awesome trip to the off leash park together with Oli. A doggone great day indeed!

DIY dog birthday party with treats, dog birthday cake, and homemade toys.

The next day, we had even more celebratory fun. Cooper got to enjoy playtime and cake with the boys. There was a lot of drool and some very happy dogs indeed! Our boys still have their reversible birthday bandanas (love these!), but I made new any-occasion bandanas and created an extra for Cooper. Some time back, I spotted these "sprinkle" dog bandanas on clearance in the pet section of a local department store, bought three, and tucked them away for Humphrey's birthday. With ready-made bandanas and quick Cricut crafting, these DIY personalised matching dog bandanas only took a few minutes to make and are super cute.

Dog friends wearing matching party bandanas and eating meatloaf dog birthday cake.

Of course, no holiday or birthday is complete in our family without the attempted group photo. These boys crack me up! They each love posing, but try and pose them together, and they inevitably give me their glummest faces. Typical siblings! Haha! Here is our latest milestone mugshot: 

Dalmatian dogs wearing personalised birthday party bandanas.

Dog birthday party buffet table with birthday cake and treats

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