Monday, 21 October 2019
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Dalmatian DIY Dog Blog Update

Dalmatian with an iPad looking at Dalmatian DIY dog blog

Very exciting news, furfriends! We're in the process of migrating our blog from it's former home to our new home here at and we're also giving things a little refresh and groom. What does that mean? Here's the scoop on what's happening behind the scenes.

Dalmatian on a dog bed with an iPad

Dalmatian DIY started out in Google's free Blogger platform with as our address. We've grown a lot since 2015, and for some time now I'd been debating shifting to our own custom domain. We've finally taken the plunge and relocated to 

We wouldn't want any lost dogs wandering around online looking for our blog (yikes!) so there is a permanent redirect in place that maps from the old blog addresses to the corresponding new blog addresses. Click on any old link and presto! You'll magically arrive here. Yay!

Search engines will take a while to fully crawl the new blog and recognise the redirects so you'll still see our old address come up on searches for the near term. There are also lots of existing social media posts, shares, and pins to the old blog address. Not to worry! If you click on an old link or pin, those permanent redirects will take you here at the new address.   

Internal links here on the blog will also redirect. You'll find these in links between related posts and such. We'll be (slowly) replacing these internal links with direct links to the right location, but the redirects will also guide you to the new address while we're manually working through all those changes. 

Dalmatian with an iPad lying on a black and white dog bed

Since we need to manually go through all of our old posts for those internal link updates, I'll be using it as an opportunity to make a few adjustments to old content, including improvements to our related post labels (those little navigation labels you see at the bottom of our posts) and other tweaks to help keep the blog fresh and user friendly. This may involve taking some old/outdated content offline temporarily pending update, in which case you'll get a page inviting you to sniff around the blog for other ideas instead of a redirect. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

If you're a regular visitors, you may have already noticed a few aesthetic changes as well as a few new interface features starting to pop up on the blog.  These include category new pages to help visitors navigate to some of our most popular / most searched subject areas including Dog Treat Recipes, DIY and Craft Projects, DIY Dog Toys, Dog Birthdays, and Pet-Friendly Holidays. Theses are still fresh (apologies if anything is wonky) and will be adjusted again after the post labels have been updated for even better navigation. We've also made improvements to our previous summary pages (Introduction, Work with Us, Link with Love, and Terms of Use | Disclosure) and added a summary for our Social Media as well.

I  really hope that you enjoy the improvements. We've loved sharing and growing with you since the blog first began, and look forward to building an even better experience for you into the future. 


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