Monday, 10 February 2020
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Easy DIY Ideas for Homemade Valentine's Day Dog Treats

Looking for love, Valentine? Find sometime who looks at you the way Oli and Humphrey do their tasty treats! Hehehe...  Happy almost Valentine's Day, furfriends!  If you're thinking about baking up a special Valentine's day dog treat, here are a few of our personal favourite ways to make Valentine treats, plus links to more treat making ideas.

🦴 Want to use your favourite treat recipe to make Valentine's treats?  For tons of doggone delicious (and simple) ways to turn your own personal favourite homemade dog treat recipe(s) into extra special Valentine's goodies, check out our archived post on making a favourite dog treat recipe into a special Valentine

Naturally coloured and/or tinted treats in shades of pink and red are a great option for Valentine's Day.  Dogs don't see pink or red the way we do, but if it makes your human heart happier, then go for it! Some treats, like the blackberry treats pictured in this post, are naturally pink. Pink or red tints can also be used to add or boost colour. My personal favourite tint for red or pink treats is beetroot powder, which is natural, healthy, and our boys like the scent/taste.  See our post on natural food colourings for dog treats for more tinting ideas, and check out this post for tips on creating pretty pinks and ravishing reds.  

🦴 Our boys both love berries and Oli is an absolutely blackberry fiend, so the treats pictured in the collage below and in the opening image are a rebake of our Blackberry Cheesecake Dog Treat recipe made with berries (it's summertime here in NZ) fresh from our garden. Yummo! They give these treats an all natural pinkish purple colour.

Anything heart shaped automatically has a lovey feeling, and treats are no exception. Standard heart shaped cookie cutters will work well with most roll-and-cut dog treat doughs and are something many home bakers already have on hand in the kitchen and/or can get lots of use out of over time if buying new.  I use mine often, not just for special holidays. See our post on making a favourite dog treat recipe into a special Valentine for tips and ideas on using heart shaped cutters, molds, and pans, including how to bake a heart shaped cake without a heart shaped pan.

Stamping treats is another of my favourite ways to decorate. It is an easy way to make cute treats without adding icings or glazes that require extra time/ingredients and may affect the portability, storage, and/or shelf life of the treats. Since most of my treats end up in the freezer and eventually a treat bag or pocket for walkies and other adventures, portability is high on my priority list. Fun to make, cute, and portable? Pawesome. Read more about stamping treats and other ideas for decorating homemade baked dog treats.

For quick stamping, cookie stamps are easy and cute, and can be versatile for a range of uses (like mine) or very specific in their stamping design. My mother liked the look of our stamped dog treats so much that I recently gave a stamp for baking human cookies. Special stamps aren't required, though. Anything food-safe can be used to create your own special designs. See our hand stamped Valentine's day jigsaw puzzle dog treats for a super cute example of hand stamping.

For names and other messages, I have a very inexpensive set of custom alphabet stamps. Nothing fancy, but very versatile. You'll see these at work in a number of our posts. Check out our test bake and introduction to the alphabet stamps for more photos and tips for stamping names/words.

Swing by our archived post on making a favourite dog treat recipe into a special Valentine for more ideas on making Valentine's Day Dog treats, or hop into our virtual dog treat recipe collection for more doggone delicious ideas. You can also sniff through our Valentine's Day archives for more ways to celebrate (did you see our latest Valentine's Day DIY dog bandanas???) and we also keep a Valentine's board on Pinterest with fun ideas collected from here and everywhere. Happy Valentine's Day, furfriends! Sending virtual sniffs and licks of love your way!

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