Woofs of welcome to the Dalmatian DIY dog blog. Nice to meet you, furfriends. Dalmatian DIY is a special place where we share our homemade dog treat recipes, DIY dog projects, and other creative fun for pets and their people. Come on in and meet the team. 


Hello from the blog dogs of Dalmatian DIY, Humphrey and Oliver. With a little administrative help from our humans, we share dog-friendly DIYs, crafts, recipes and more. My name is Humphrey and that’s me on the right. I become the chief blog dog after my best buddy and mentor Oli crossed the rainbow bridge. We miss him immensely, but his spirit shines through in everything we do and share. You can see what creative mischief we are getting ourselves into here on the blog and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Taste testing and squeaky toy quality control are tough jobs, but Oli trained me well in the fine art of blog dog duty. And Momma pays nicely with threats, pats, and praise. I especially like posing for pictures.

Not a Dalmatian? Don’t worry.  All pets are welcome to join the fun at Dalmatian DIY. This is a playground for dogs and dog-lovers of all shapes and spots. We’re social animals and love furfriends of all forms. Even cats!  Well, some cats. Maybe not the naughty ones who tease us along fences. Our step-brother rescue cat Tiger was pretty doggone cool for a cat. We even have some of his cat DIY projects here on the blog and his own Pinterest board for creative cat stuff. Tiger went to cat heaven after sixteen years of love and companionship. Rest easy, mane man. We still blame you whenever Momma finds the evidence something naughty. The ghost of Moagie Moags.

Oli and Humphrey, the blog dogs of Dalmatian DIY

Meet the Dogs of Dalmatian DIY (and their Human)

Oliver was the original blog dog and inspiration behind Dalmatian DIY. He crossed the rainbow bridge as a senior spotty of 14 wonderful years, but you’ll still see him throughout the posts here on our blog. We’re grateful for each and every day we were gifted together. 

Humphrey is a handsome whippersnapper of 7 years (August birthday). He’s a cheeky chap who particularly enjoys a good squeaky toy that he can howl along with during play. Unlike smiling Oli, he’s always a serious lad about posing. Treats are serious business, afterall. But when he does bring out his crazy Dali grin, it’s impossible not to smile along with him. He’s a professional prancer, squeaky toy virtuoso, sous-chef and dishwasher extraordinaire, Momma’s pawsonal trainer, Daddy’s boy, and the snuggliest of spooners. Humphrey loves cruising in the car, napping in sunbeams, sharking for treats, and stealing hearts.

Laura (Momma) is the dog treat baker and crafter behind the content you see here on Dalmatian DIY. In addition to blogging, crafting, baking, and more, she spends time walking dogs, cleaning up after dogs, and patting other peoples dogs. She also enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors, both of which are better with dogs for company. She learned to cook and craft from her mother and grandmother, and it’s become a lifelong hobby. Her passion for photography comes from her father, and she has a Diploma of Photography and Cert IV in Design that help with running of the technical and administrative side of Dalmatian DIY. She recently added to her dog diet knowledge by completing a certification as a Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist to better understand the fundamentals of dog biology, diet, and nutrition. 

Honorary Team Members

Daddy is by far the dogs’ favourite human. He’s a big supporter of everything we do and is the one who encouraged the sharing of Dalmatian DIY with the world. Special mentions to Tiger, our elderly rescue cat who has since crossed the rainbow bridge, and to Humphrey’s pal neighbour Cooper who enjoys helping out with taste testing duties during play dates at our place. 

Selfies with the blog dogs of Dalmatian DIY

Exploring the Blog

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Contacting Dalmatian DIY

Have a question or suggestion for us? You can contact us by email or message us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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Dalmatian DIY dog blog art portrait profile photo

FAQs About Our Dog Crazy Life

How do you manage two big dogs?

I used to get this question often when strangers saw little me with my boisterous companions. It takes a lot of work, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Especially after seeing the joy a companion brought to our older dog and vice versa. I love having energetic exercise buddies and our dogs were the best of friends. Being an active person and investing in the right gear for all stages of their life are a huge help.  It’s been a challenge sometimes for sure, but pet ownership is a lifelong commitment of love and the very best possible life together.

Why Dalmatians?

It just kind of happened that way. It started with Oli, the original blog dog. He was my husband’s young dog when we first met. I was more of a cat person, but Oli became the first dog I ever loved. Through the years our sweet spotty boys have won my heart over and now I’m a bit biased. Don’t worry though, furfriends. We still love dogs of all colours, shapes, and sizes, spots or no spots. Humphrey’s pal Cooper has weaselled his way into our hearts, too. He occasionally makes a cameo appearance in our posts.

You make a lot of treats. Aren’t you worried about making your dogs fat?

It is kind of the opposite. As we learned more about dog diets in an effort to take better care of Oli as he aged, we started to understand how poor some products are in terms of content and nutritional value. From there we started to explore different options foods and treats, both bought and homemade, for better quality. Treats are still treats, so all things in moderation with plenty of offsetting exercise, of course. You can read more in our post on Why (and How) to Make Homemade Dog Treats.

Tip: Start making it a habit to read the labels on packages. Pay attention to the ingredients and nutritional content breakdown. Even in our dog crazy household, we don’t make all of our own treats or food, but I am choosy about what we buy for sources and ingredients. Some things are better made with commercial sources and/or equipment that we don’t current have. Some are also too yucky for me to consider making (like dehydrated furry deer ears or tracheas) but our dogs love them. If you think we’d like to taste test your treats or food, see Work with Us.

FAQs About Our Blog and Social Media

Can I include your post in a round-up?

Absolutely!  You are welcome to share our links, link to our content, pin our posts, etc. See our Copyright Policy for more details. Blogging is all about connecting and sharing. It’s great when people invite others to read things here on at Dalmatian DIY.  Thanks!

Do you accept guest posts?
We don’t actively seek outside content, but we do occasionally accept guest posts.  These are limited to interesting original content from knowledgeable sources that suit our niche content and audience. Additional information is available on our Work with Us page.

Who designed your blog and graphics?
Things are always evolving bit-by-bit around here. Some of the design elements elements and graphics are mine and some are resources from elsewhere, both free and paid. Check out our Resources and Tools page for more information. Our current cartoon profile picture of the boys and I on the beach was specially commissioned from Portrait Fox Studio on Etsy.  Isn’t it a beauty? 
Do you take your own photographs for the blog?

Other than some guest posts or other credited pictures, all of the photos here and on our social media are mine.  At present, my go-to is my Canon 5D, but you’ll also see iPhone photos and videos sometimes. That’s very convenient when out for walkies. Occasionally GoPro footage, too. You can read more in the photography section of our Resources and Tools.

Can I use one of your photos?
Only if you are using it in direct relation to sharing and featuring our content, unless you have requested and received permission for a special purpose.  See our Copyright Policy for full details. If you have a special request, please send an email.  Dalmatian DIY is PR friendly.