DIY Dalmatian Halloween Costumes

DIY Dalmatian Halloween and party costume ideas

Love the dots and spots? Us too! Let’s dress up! Dalmatian costumes are fun on their own, but they’re also a great opportunity for themed combination costumes. Your Dalmatians can easily join in the spotty fun, but any dog can be a Dalmatian for Halloween with a polka dot bandana, jumper, or coat. Human or canine, there should be plenty of treats involved!  Whether you have a Dalmatian (or several) or are dressing up in Dalmatian disguise, here are some fun ideas for DIY Dalmatian Halloween costumes and themed costume combinations.

Costume Collection Changes and Additions

Many years ago, we shared some fabulous creative ideas for DIY Dalmatian Halloween costumes. When reformatting the post for the transition to our new website, I was bummed to discover that a lot of the sites we’d linked to were no longer active. Sorry, furfriends!  We’ve updated the external links in this post to currently active websites and expanded it with some fresh new additions. We’ve also added links to our own family’s Hundred and One Dalmatians themed Halloween costumes and decorations. Our Dalmatians were ready-made, though. Hehehe. Cruella and took a little bit more work, but it was all still very simple and lots of fun.

DIY Dalmatian Themed Halloween (or Party) Costumes

Spots and Dots

Creating your own Dalmatian costumes? The signature Dali dots and spots are easy to DIY onto white clothing (or faux fur for some methods) using fabric paint, markers’ stamps, or iron-ons. You can also sew your own spotty attire using pre-made print or polka dot fabric.  Black and white spotted cow onsies and costumes make great bases to hack for DIY Dalmatian costume materials too. You can also buy ready-to-wear Dalmatian dog costumes (affiliate link), or just certain pieces, like ears or a tail, to go with a DIY spotty outfit.

Firefighter and Firedogs

This costume pairing is a fun and easy fit for families with Dalmatians. You can buy a firefighter costume (affiliate link) or put one together yourself using inexpensive ready-made costume supplies and materials. A fire hat helps if you can find or make one, but even just utility pants, a t-shirt, and a pair of suspenders can create the look. High-vis work wear is also an option, or you can add your own to a jacket, shirt, or pants using reflective tape. Easy! You might even have all of the items around the house, or be able to reuse any new purchases. 

The Hundred and One Dalmatians

Another themed option is anything and everything Hundred and One Dalmatians. Roger and/or Anita with their dogs is an option with clothing that could be pulled from your current closet or supplemented with a little thrift shopping. Add Dalmatians and perhaps a few extra props depending on your setting. Ready for themed Halloween fun! For a different approach, of course, there’s always the classic Cruella de Vil on the prowl for puppies (like me in our own family’s Dalmatian’s themed Halloween dress-up).  Her wild hair and over the top attire are perfect for playing dress-up and there are all sorts of option for assembling a Cruella-like homemade Halloween costume. 

DIY Dalmatian Costume Ideas and Links

Our “The Hundred and One” Dalmatians DIY costumes were super simple, with customised bandanas for our Dalmatians and a classic Cruella costume for me. Here are some more fabulously fun Dalmatian costume and themed dress-up ideas. As noted above, these include the still active links from our original collage and ideas post many years ago, as well as some fresh new additions.

  • Family 101 Dalmatians Costume (Everyday Art) – These are super cute individually, but look absolutely incredible as a full family set. See the post for details on the costumes for Cruella, Jasper (he and Horace are Cruella’s henchmen), and the three adorable Dalis.
  • Faux Fur DIY Dalmatian Costume (Fannice Fashion) – Warm and wonderful! A sewn faux fur DIY Dalmatian suit, including ear headband.
  • Dalmatian Puppy Baby Costume (Parenting) – This DIY Dalmatian costume decorates ready-made white baby wear to make a Dalmatian puppy costume, complete with a floppy eared hat. 
  • Crochet Dalmatian Dog Hat Pattern (Repeat Crafter Me) – So doggone cute! Dog lovers (small or big) might even like this for everyday wear, not just playing dress up. Heck. I’d probably wear one. Haha! Lucky for hubby, crochet isn’t in my skillset! Yet…
  • Felt Puppy Ears Headband (Martha Stewart) – Too hot for hats? Add dotty Dalmatian ears to your DIY costume with this simple craft.
  • DIY Dalmatian Dog Face Painting (Mom) – Need to top off your costume? Check out this video tutorial for Dalmatian face painting.
  • Firefighter Themed Family Halloween Costumes (Prep and Shine) – So many cute ideas for Dalmatian themed family Halloween dress-up (and one very happy looking little fire fighter). Note the adorable Dalmatian in the trio, too.
  • Firefighter’s Suit Costume (Stitched by Crystal) – How awesome is this completely custom made children’s firefighter’s coat and pants?  I love that it’s been used multiple times in the family, too.
  • Mini Marshall Fire Dog Costume (Amy Latta Creations) – This is not just any Dalmatian, it’s Marshall! And he even has a DIY firetruck!
  • Free Printable Paw Patrol Mask and Ears (Oh My Fiesta) – Need a really quick DIY Dalmatian dress up? Printables to the rescue. It’s not quite a costume, but you can still get your spots on. Or use the printables with one of the other DIY clothing ideas above.

Our "The Hundred and One Dalmatians" Themed Costumes

Halloween isn’t really a thing here in New Zealand, but our new neighbourhood has a number of families who moved from overseas or have blended backgrounds. One of the neighbourhood committee decided to organise a local trick-or-treat.  With two Dalmatians, how could I not have a “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” theme for our first furfamily Halloween? Since it was just me and the dogs, I went with a classic Cruella theme for our costumes and decorations. See our “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” DIY costumes and decorations post for details.

DIY Hundred and One (101) Dalmatians Halloween costumes and decorations

Other Ideas for Halloween and Costumes with Dalmatians

If, like us, your celebrating Halloween with Dalmatians rather than dressing other pets or people for the occasion, there’s no need to stick with the Dalmatian themes for your costumes. Have some fun!

Mooovelous Fun

Take advantage of the ready-made spots. Go doggone crazy and play the role of other dotty and spotty animals. Dalmatians have a striking resemblance to spotty black and cows, like Holsteins and Fresians (or brown and white cows, for our liver spotted pals). Humphrey has a cow doppleganger that we see often at the lifestyle block near our home. Dalis can also do a pretty decent costume companion stand in as a spotted pony with the right accessories. 

Spotted and Spattered 

A painter’s costume (super easy) with an empty can of black paint and the “paint spattered” all over myself and the Dalmatian are an idea on my future dress up list. Not unlike when I actually paint. I’m such a klutz!  Extra points for spattering a bandana to complete the look using paint, markets, or scraps or iron-on material. No actual painting or marking on your Dali though, please peeps. No matter how many times someone sends you that spider spotted Dalmatian photo. You know the one…

Black and White? Polka Dots? 

You can take advantage of black and white colouring and/or polka dots for all kinds of different costumes, especially if the humans are dressing up in coordinating attire.  Go creepy crown with a black and white combination of spots and stripes. Pirate and best mate? Jailbird and jail hound? Mime and companion? 

Anything Doggone Great

Just because we love the dots doesn’t mean that Dalmatians can’t have just as much fun in absolutely any type of dog-friendly costume or dog and human costume pairing. This photo of wee itty bitty puppy Humphrey in Tiger’s Halloween cat Dracula cape is still one of my favourites. Killing us with cuteness! And sharp little puppy fangs.

Happy Howl-oween!

If you want include your pets in your costumes or other celebratory fun, remember that their comfort and safety always comes first. Have fun and stay safe this Halloween furfriends. Woofs! Costume or no costume, we hope it’s spook-tacularly fun for everyone!

DIY Dalmatian Halloween and party costume ideas

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