DIY Window Cling Holiday Pet Treat Jars

DIY fabric paint window clings used to make personalised pet treat jars

This is a simple craft project combines inexpensive supplies to create homemade holiday treat jars with removable DIY window clings as homemade stickers. They’re perfect for adding a temporary festive touch. I made pet treat jars, but this also works for gifting human treats as well. It’s a family friendly craft for younger folks who can safely handle paint or with helping hands (simple designs recommended). Because we aren’t painting directly on the jars, do-overs are easy and you don’t need to deal with the headache of using paint on curvy surfaces. 

Caution: Homemade dimensional fabric paint DIY window clings will stick to most smooth surfaces, including windows. After having endured the pain of trying to scrape the former owners’ well-toasted clings off the windows at a previous house, I’ve never again trusted anything on the windows to be temporary – bought or homemade. Jars however, are fair game!

DIY Window Cling Making Supplies and Materials

To make your own temporary DIY window clings like these stickers you will need dimensional fabric paint. You will also need waxed paper, freezer paper, or sturdy clear plastic such as a Ziploc bag. The project only takes a small amount of paint per cling, so you can use some from you craft stash if you have it (like me) or buy some in versatile colours for future projects. Yay! These paints are leftovers from making our no-sew ugly Christmas sweater dog bandana. It’s also handy to have a template (more on that below), tape and scissors, and scrap cardboard to protect your work area just in case.

  • Dimensional fabric paint
  • Waxed paper, freezer paper, sturdy clear plastic, or similar
  • Template (optional) and tape

To use the DIY window clings to make treat jars you’ll need clean glass jars with suitable lids. Mine are washed and repurposed from groceries. I love that these particular salsa jars don’t have printed lids. I actually buy this brand of salsa over alternatives because the jars are so versatile for reuse. Hint hint product packaging peeps! You can also buy ready-to-use jars in any style you like.

Making a Template (Optional)

Don’t want to freehand your design? If you have access to a printer, it’s easy to create your own custom lettering template in a font style that you like and size it to suit your jars. The best fonts for single-layer clings are script or hand styles with letters that touch to join together as a single piece of writing per word. I used the font “BlackJack” for my jars and adjusted it slightly to join any disconnected letters. Double-layer clings (create a solid base and then write on top) or single letter clings can work in any font style.

Using fabric paint to make window cling stickers for removable pet treat jar labels

DIY Holiday Pet Treat Jars Using Homemade Window Clings

Making Window Clings with Fabric Paint

  • Optional: Create your template, and double check size for fit. You can freehand, if you prefer.
  • Optional: Cut to separate multiple labels or different clings for ease of tracing and painting.
  • Layer a piece of waxed paper (or other see-through material from which the dried paint can be removed) on top of your template for your painting surface. Tape to secure so that it doesn’t shift or slide during painting.
  • Carefully paint with dimensional fabric paint to trace the lettering.
  • Allow to dry completely.
  • Carefully separate the dried paint from the waxed paper backing. Take care not to stretch or tear the lettering. Easy does it, patience required.

Tip: If your text has dotted letters, you can paint the dots away from the main text for easier separation and removal. I used wee little hearts in lieu of dots, and painted a few extras, just in case!

Using the Window Clings as Pet Treat Jar Stickers

These DIY window clings clings will stick to most smooth surfaces, including windows. I’d strongly recommend using with caution and limiting these to surfaces that won’t be harmed or create issues if removal becomes difficult. Trust issues as noted in my opening comments.

To make treat jars using the homemade clings, treat them like stickers. Carefully place on the surface of your glass jar to re-create the lettering for your temporary label. Done!

I’ve been using these jars for around a month now, and have hand washed them carefully without difficulty; however, these were created with the intention of temporary use only. Once you’re ready for a change, simply remove the trashed stickers. Use a scraper to lift if needed and then peel away. Reuse or recycle your jars. Easy peasy!

DIY Window Cling Holiday Pet Treat Jars

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