Easy DIY dog party cracker treat tube

Very simple DIY dog party cracker inspired treat tubes. None of the nasty cracking, all of the ripping fun. Homemade recycled cardboard tube dog party crackers, without the doggone scary crack, of course. Just wrap, rip, and recycle. Woofs!

Recycling Fun

Ripping rascal Humphrey enjoys helping with the recycling of all varieties, but he has a particular fondness for toilet paper rolls. He’ll happy rip those plain, but a few ratting treats are even more fun. For his first birthday, I made some very simple party cracker treat tubes. They’re simply empty toilet paper tubes wrapped with some tissue paper that I’d saved from old gift wrap for reuse. They’re a fun little novelty to add to a doggy celebration without the scary noise of a real cracker. And essentially free. I might make some for Christmas or New Year’s, too!

Making a dog treat party cracker with recycled toilet paper roll

Super Simple Party Cracker Dog Treat Tubes

The party crackers were made using an empty toilet paper roll, 1/2 sheet of tissue paper, and dog food or small treats to fill. Simply fill the tube, twist the paper, and press into the ends of the tube to hold.  Easy as!  As a loose wrap, these require handling with care until the rip-fest begins. For a more secure roll, you could fold in the ends of the tube or use paper tape, but for safety do not tie with string or elastic. See our Halloween mummy dog treat tubes or our stamped pet pillow boxes for examples of how to fold the ends to secure treats.

Making a dog treat party cracker with recycled toilet paper roll

Wrap, Rip, Recycle!

These DIY dog party crackers were made with reused materials that would have (in our system) been put into the recycling. Once the ripping is complete and the delicious treasure enjoyed, depending on your local council guidelines, the ripped paper and tube can be recycled. Don’t let your dog eat the paper. Yuck, furfriends. Stick with the treats. Our boys are rippers, not eaters fortunately. See our safety note below. 

Safety first, furfriends! Remember, party time and play time both always safer (and more fun!) when together. Know what is and isn’t suitable for your specific pet, take care, and supervise. Any type of wrapping that you may use for pets, whether bought or homemade, is strictly for ripping open, not for eating! Yuck for paper, yum for treats! Wrapping may not be suitable for some pets. Celebrate safe.

Easy DIY dog party cracker treat tube

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