Easy DIY Dog Treat Christmas Ornament Gifts

DIY dog treat Christmas ornament bauble gifts

These DIY dog treat Christmas ornaments are easy to make and customise as a unique holiday gift. They’re great as cute (and inexpensive) little gifts for furfriends, take away gifts for pawty guests, or as take along gifts for the furbabies of your host or hostess. They’d be a fun idea for charity fundraisers leading up to the holidays as well.

Fillable Bauble Ornaments and Decoration Options

Supplies and Materials

The basic supplies needed to make these dog treat Christmas ornaments are fillable bauble ornaments and small treats. Everything else can be customised to suit the style of ornament or gift you’d like to create and give. Easy!  

  • Fillable bauble ornaments
  • Small dog treats

My ornaments came from a local craft store, but they’re also available online. You can check out the fillable bauble ornaments on Amazon (affiliate link) for product examples and ideas. Make sure that the style of bauble you choose opens to allow you to easily insert/remove the treats. Some styles, like those with removeable tops, may not suit your preferred treat shapes or sizes. 

If you can’t find fillable ornaments or want a plastic-free alternative, little jars or small treat bags (bought or homemade) make great gift packages.  I love my homemade pocket dog treat bags

Decorating Option: Painted Baubles

The baubles are cute as plain clear ornaments, but I decided to use some metallic silver and gold spray paint to fancy things up a little. If you are painting your baubles, it’s best to avoid getting paint inside the ornament where it will be in contact with food (just to be on the safe side) or on the inside edges of where the two halves connect for best fit. I used masking tape on the edges and taped a little bit of scrap paper/plastic from the packaging into the back of the bauble, just in case. 

Painting designs and shapes onto the outside of the baubles is super tricky for clean lines with slick rounded plastic and spray paint.  Masking the front “window” for baubles as shown looked great when finished, but was painful precise work.  Painting only one side so there is a clear front and metallic back as shown in some of the finished baubles is a simpler option. Or you can just keep things clear. Easy peasy! Ensure your paint is suitable for plastics, follow the directions for use and safety, keep the coats thin, and allow the paint to fully cure before dressing your baubles for gifting.

Making dog treat filled ornament Christmas gifts for pets and pet owners

Making Christmas Bauble Ornaments with Dog Treats

Filling the Ornaments with Treats

Starting with your prepped (or plain) baubles separated into open halves, carefully fill with small treats or special kibble. Normally we’re all about the homemade treats around here, but this is one case where I prefer to use store bought treats, just in case. Homemade treats lack the preservatives of commercial treats and so they will have a much shorter shelf life.

Homemade ornament dog treat Christmas gifts

Embellishing the Ornaments for Gifting

Decorate the baubles with ribbons, bows, or tags, and you’re ready for gifting! My baubles were topped with simple curling ribbon and I used a loop of bakers’ twine in lieu of a hangar. The tags were homemade using cardstock and glitter washi tape. For quick work and less waste, cut the card stock in a long strip of the length you want for tagging, tape across one long edge, and cut the strip into pieces. Punch the top, notch the bottoms (optional), and done! We also have free printable Christmas tags and a whole rainbow of mix-and-match dog treat tags in our archives.

Dog treat filled Christmas ornaments

Although the baubles I used seemed very well sealed, I would still caution against actually hanging these on your tree unless you’re certain that your pets won’t be interested in trying to snaffle them! Tree climbing disaster and/or plastic bauble biting in general are to be avoided for safety and sanity. If gifting, give them to the owners and not the pets. Twine, ribbon, cords, or small delicious smelling baubles of treats are not safe for playful or hungry pets. Celebrate safely, furfriends!

DIY dog treat Christmas ornament bauble gifts

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