Easy No-Sew DIY Dog Bandana

Easy no-sew dog bandanas with pinking shears

This might just be the easiest DIY we will ever post! This super simple no-sew DIY dog bandana is a very quick (under five minutes) craft that ANYONE can do. It requires nothing more than some fabric and a pair of pinking shears. Easy peasy!

DIY Dog Bandanas in Minutes

As some of you may already have seen, Humphrey turned one last week and we had a little birthday bash to celebrate. No party is complete without a celebratory outfit! We didn’t (at the time) have two matching bandanas and time was short, so I made the boys a fast set of DIY no-sew bandanas. Done in minutes! This super simple dog bandana DIY is an easy way to create a little something special with minimal cost or effort. Have a little more time or want a more polished look? Check out our full collection of DIY dog bandanas for other pawesome ideas.

DIY now-sew five minute (maybe less) dog bandanas

Making a Very Simple No-Sew DIY Dog Bandana

Supplies and Materials

The materials and craft supplies used in making the bandana shown are:

  • Fabric or a suitable clean fabric item for upcycling
  • Scissors, preferably pinking shears

You can buy the fabric, use a remnant from your craft stash, or give new purpose to some past-best materials from by recycling something like an old dress shirt or tablecloth. Pinking shears (affiliate link) are optional, but recommended. Pinking shears have a zigzag blade that makes lots of little diagonal cuts on your fabric instead of a single straight line. They’re a quick and simple option to help to reduce fraying without the need to sew or otherwise finish the raw edges. See the durability tips below on fraying and more finished no-sew alternatives. 

How to Make a Very Simple No-Sew Dog Bandana

Simple DIY dog bandanas can be made as triangles that are tied and worn, or as squares that are folded on a diagonal, then tied and worn. No fancy shaping, trim, or fasteners required. I usually roll the top edges a little (whether sewn or not) to gather an easy edge for tying as well as make the perfect fit. Plus the rolled neck looks extra doggone cute.

Diagram for making an easy no sew dog bandana with pinked edges

Making a No Sew Fold-Over Dog Bandana

Cut a square such that the diagonal corner-to-corner fold (forming a triangle) is big enough to fit loosely around your pet’s neck, plus a little extra to tie a small knot. If you aren’t comfortable with estimating the size, you can use a collar as a gauge or loosely measure your pet’s neck. Don’t forget to add a little extra to the neck size for tying the knot. Pinking shears are optional as noted above, but they help to reduce fraying without the need to sew or finish the edges. Simply cut and you’re done! Easy! Durability will depend on the fabric, wear, and care. See below for more information on playtime, fray time, and no-sew options.

Making a No Sew Triangle Dog Bandana

Alternatively, you can cut the triangle instead of folding (half a square on a diagonal – i.e. a right isosceles triangle). Again, this is sized so that the long edge (the diagonal cut) is big enough to fit loosely around your pet’s neck plus extra to tie a small knot. Diagonal cuts with pinking shears can be a little more prone to fraying, but I’ve still used this method for quickie bananas with good results. It’s a handy option for me as I can quickly make two matching bandanas for our two dogs with one square of fabric, like the ones shown in this post.

No-sew DIY dog bandanas

✂️  Want something a bit fancier or more durable than just pinking the edges? Check out our No-Sew DIY Dog Bandanas with (Cheat!) Finished Edges. We’ve shared a no-sew version of some of our most popular DIY sewn bandana styles to show how you can make a fully finished bandana without doing a single stitch.  You can find all of our DIY dog bandanas in the archives, both sewn and no-sew.

No-Sew DIY Dog Bandana Durability and Alternatives

Playtime and Fray Time

When this post was first shared, only time would tell how long the bandanas would last. In addition to how frequently a bandana is worn and washed, durability varies quite a bit depending on the fabric. Some will fray very quickly and others hold up very well. Pinking reduces fraying, but it doesn’t stop it all together. It depends on the weave and stability of the material you use, the orientation of the cuts, and how much wear-and-tear the bandana gets over time. Humphrey and Oli still have these red and white bandanas many years later. The boys don’t wear them routinely, but the bandanas have been worn and washed several times and are holding up surprisingly well for simple pinked edges. They also have a set of similar quickie pinked edge dog bandanas that I cut for pictures with their Christmas dog treat wreath. Writing little update this reminds me I should take them out for sewing the next time I’m crafting. Haha! On to the (very long) to do list for future sewing!

No-sew DIY dog bandanas

Sturdier No-Sew Alternatives

If you can’t (or don’t want to) sew, you can stabilise the edges with fray check or finish the bandana edges using no-sew hemming tape. Iron-on hemming tape is a secret weapon for no-sew projects and sometimes a handy helper when sewing, too. We’ve shared no-sew versions of some of our most popular DIY sewn bandana styles to see how you can make a fully finished bandana without doing a single stitch. Pawfect!

Sewn Alternatives

Hemming tape does a surprisingly good job, but if you want a truly durable dog bandana for lots of use and have the skills, I’d recommend sewing the bandana instead. We have several different styles of DIY dog bandana here on the blog, and most of our sewn bandanas are easy to make with basic machine-sewing skills. Bandana hems can also be sewn by hand, but machine sewing is fast and easy. 

Like the frayed look, but want a little more durability?  If you’re a fringe fan, you can sew a simple line of stitching just in from the edge of your fabric to help limit fraying to the seam line, similar to making a fringed bandana

Prefer a fully finished option? Serged edges are probably the fastest and easiest, but you need special equipment. For a standard sewing machine,  simple reversible dog bandanas are actually really easy to sew (easier than hemming) and very durable. Adding binding trim on the top edge is also a very stylish option and deceptively easy sewing. Or fusing. Shh…the dogs will never tell your no-sew secrets!

Super fast no-sew DIY dog bandanas

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