Farewell, Sweet Tiger

Tiger wearing a plaid fleece scarf

With a very heavy heart, I share the sad news that our senior cat, Tiger, has passed away. Thank you for the kind words and sympathies on our social media. Much love from our furfamily to you and yours, and a most sincere thank you for the love, likes, shares, and well-wishes you’ve given to Tiger and his crafty cat exploits over the years. Snuggle your furbabies a little closer, have fun together, and spoil them rotten. There is never enough time together, so make the most of the moments and memories every day.

Saying Farewell to our Mane Man Tiger

Tiger passed away after sixteen years of companionship and adventure. He was a scrawny little rescue kitten when we first met, complete with fleas. Poor lad. He made eye contact and that was it. I couldn’t leave him to fate. He was meant to be mine. I’d grown up with pets over the years, but Tiger was my first as an adult. It was a busy life, but Tiger took it all in stride. We travelled the country together as I moved through Canada on different work assignments, before taking the long journey to a new path in Australia and then later onwards to New Zealand. From rescue kitty to international moagie of mystery! 

Oli and Tiger were both fairly young when we merged households. Cat meets dog was briefly a bit rocky, but it actually went better than I expected. We still laugh at the memory of Oli and Dog Dad both peeking under the bed looking for Tiger and both receiving a solid cat paw smack to their noses. Haha! Forunately, they reached a happy coexistence surprisingly quick, with easy-going Oli acquiescing to Tiger’s occasional stealing of his favourite blankies and other nesting places. 

Years later, it was cat meets puppy when Humphrey joined the furfamily. Oli was pretty chill about the new arrival, but Tiger was less than impressed. Unlike Oli, it took a great deal longer for a much older Tiger to accept playful puppy Humphrey, but he eventually warmed up and resumed stealing the best nests. Cat boss! 

In Tiger’s final days with us, the dogs seemed to know. They were very gentle around him, and seemed to be guarding Tiger as he rested on a rotating watch. It was a surprising but also rather toughing thing to see. Brothers till the end…   

Fluffy white cat with DIY cat toy shaped like a heart

Creating Memories, Mementos, and More

In addition to the creative ideas in Tiger’s archives here on the blog for having fun with your favourite felines, there are a few special projects that I’m glad I did well before Tiger fell ill, There are also some regrets for opportunities missed and things we never got to do. As our final addition to Tiger’s DIY collection here on the blog, here are Tiger’s final creative inspirations for our readers and their kitties.

Creative Keepsakes

Pawprints are always a lovely keepsake. We don’t have Tiger’s ink paw prints, but tucked away safely in our moving boxes (the materials to build the new home office are coming later this month) are Tiger’s clay paw prints and my needle felted fur-filled heart. I’m so very glad that I have both. They’re both fairly easy crafts, although paw prints require a little patience (and plenty of treats!) and needle felting requires a few special materials and tools. It’s great to take prints or make mementos during happy times, but last minute treasures are still treasures.  As a little update note on this post, we took extra ink and clay prints with Oli in his later years before he crossed the rainbow bridge, but his vets sent us the most beautiful sympathy card with a set of ink prints after he passed. Such a lovely thing for them to do! If you don’t have prints or would like a lock of fur and aren’t able to do it for yourself, your vet team might be happy to help with that final act of kindness. 

DIY needed fleted pink heart made with pet fur from our dogs and cat


One of the easiest and most accessible creative activities for you and your cat is to amp up your photo collection. If you’ve been following the blog or our social media, you’ll know that I love taking photos; however, I really wish that I had more photos of Tiger. Especially of the two of us together. He wasn’t a pro poser like the pups. And I have very few photos with me actually in them – a dislike of being in front of the camera is one of many traits Tiger and I shared. Make time to capture moments and memories through all the stages of your life together. And enjoy the outtakes and bloopers along the way! We’re going to have some full furfamily portraits taken soon.

As much as my heart hurt, I’m also glad that I have a few final personal photos from our time with Tiger. His illness progressed quickly, so most of these are deeply personal, with a frail little Tiger and sad teary humans, but these are still precious. There were also small moments of beauty and love in our sadness, like how the dogs could sense his illness and took to keeping watch over Tiger. Those sad memories I cherish, too. I may, at some point, share a longer post on loss, but taking final photos has proved very helpful in the grieving process.

Farewell to Tiger the cat

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