Free Colour-and-Count Dog Paw Print Bookmarks

Free printable paw print bookmarks for colouring as books are read

These free printable colour-and-count children’s reading challenge bookmarks have a paw print design that can be coloured in as books are read as a fun way to encourage young readers and celebrate their achievements. 

Reading with Furfriends

This freebie was created as extra special treat for the amazing people and pets who volunteer their time to children’s reading programs. In addition to the usual personal use of our freebies, as noted below, reading charity groups, public library programs, teachers, and other similar non-personal but not-for-profit users are welcome to use these special freebies. If you’re sharing access to the digital files with your staff, members, or volunteers, please email/share the link to this blog post, not the file or direct download link. Please help to support our blog and keep our content free by preserving our visitor traffic. We really appreciate it! You’re all pawesome! Woofs!

Free printable paw print bookmarks for colouring as books are read

Free Printable Dog Paw Print Bookmarks

As with all of our printable freebies, these printables are free for your personal / non-commercial use as a little present from us to you. As noted above, charities, teachers, and other reading programs are also welcome to use these bookmarks.  It’s not required, but it would be awesome and greatly appreciated if you followed us on social media, if you’re not already following the fun. We welcome social media shares and linking with love, but please link to this post, not the download direct. Thanks!

Free printable paw print bookmarks for colouring

Note: These freebies have been shared via Dropbox as high resolution jpegs (A4 300ppi). You do not need to have a Dropbox membership/login to access the file. As images files, you can easily resize, crop, and/or print multiples of the items that you want in the program of your preference. Only print what you want to use, and please remember to recycle any extra bits or offcuts.

Free Colour-and-Count Dog Paw Print Bookmarks

Using the Free Printable Paw Print Bookmarks

The free printable bookmarks come in two different styles: one with text (including both spellings for colour) and one with only the paw prints to give you more options for use as well as open up use to our non-English audience. We’ve shared these as image files instead of PDFs to give you lots of flexibility on which designs you’d like to use and in what sizes.

The paw prints can be coloured in on completion of a book or for longer stories you can colour them incrementally along the way using parts of the paw at a time. Anything goes! Printing on plain heavy paper or cardstock is an easy way to make bookmarks. You (and your young reader) can also get creative and use the printables as part of a bookmark craft. I made a simple example bookmark with scrapbook paper and bakers’ twine. Black and white for us, of course! Hehehe.

Making simple children's bookmarks with free printables

If you’re using our bookmarks with your own children or with your reading programs, feel free to say hi on our social media (or tag us into your social media shares). We love hearing from our readers and it’s always great to see what you do with our content if you’re sharing photos too!

Colour and count reading challenge bookmarks with free printables

Doggone Great Books

What are your favourite dog/pet related books and stories? You might have noticed that Oli and Humphrey are reading Hairy MacLairy. With the pages open to pictures of Bottomly Potts all covered in spots, of course! I love the Hairy MacLairy series by Lynley Dodd. The dogs and I are often greeted by excited little exclamations of “It’s Bottomly Potts!” during walkies. We’ve gifted these cute illustrated books for small children to many family and friends over the years. My young niece recently demanded that I put Bottomly Potts on her Facetime call. Love it!

Free printable paw print bookmarks for colouring as books are read

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