Free Pet Information Sheet Printables

Free printable pet emergency information and record sheets

Keep your pet’s vital information readily available for emergencies or quick reference with our free pet information sheet template. These free printable emergency information and record sheets for pets to help you consolidate key information for your first aid kit, go bag, and electronic records.  I hope that you never need to use them in a genuine emergency, but it’s always best to be prepared.

Household Emergency Preparedness with Pets

I had been (procrastinating) planning to refresh our first aid kits along with other family readiness supplies and plans during the winter; however, I pulled things ahead a little this week after our furfriends at The Golden Scoop shared a pet preparedness post for Animal Disaster Preparedness Day.  Our emergency kits have been checked, our pet-friendly first aid kits are currently in progress, and I finished updating our emergency information sheets for our dogs and our cat this morning. 

In addition to the handy infographic shared at The Golden Scoop, the ASPCA Disaster Preparedness website has comprehensive information for pet preparedness planning. Most national or local emergency organisations have guidance for your specific location.  This is particularly helpful for local threat awareness and relevant resources and contacts. NZ furfriends can check Civil Defence and the government’s associated Get Ready website for information and resources.

Emergency Access to Pet Records and Information

Access to Essential Information

We keep a binder of records for each of our pets. However, in the event of a medical emergency, home emergency, or natural disaster, it helps to have essential information readily at hand. Your pet first aid kit and/or go-bag are handy locations. I also recommend keeping a copy on your mobile phone along with a safe back-up location with either a trusted person or secure online file (or both).  You may not be at home when an emergency strikes. Even if you are, access may not be feasible or safe. 

Free Templates

If you don’t already have an emergency information sheet for your pet(s), you’re welcome to use our templates as part of your preparedness updates.  I prettied them up as blank copies for free download.  Unlike our usual convenient JPEG printable format, these free pet information sheets are in blank PDF and fillable MS Word format for ease of use in the program of your preference. Both are also fully editable for customisation. Copy, paste, font, colour, fill, resize, delete, etc all work. I really wanted to give you a template that you could customise for your needs so the editing is wide open. See the quick tips below if you need help. It was created in InDesign, so you may notice some sight differences from a standard document, but feel free experiment and make it yours!

Free emergency information templates for pets

Free Pet Emergency Information Sheet Templates

As with all of our printable freebies, these pet information sheet templates are free for your personal / non-commercial use as a gift from us to you. It’s not required, but it would be awesome and greatly appreciated if you followed us on social media, if you’re not already following the fun. We welcome social media shares and linking with love, but please link to this post, not the download direct. Thanks!

Free pet emergency information printable - blank

Pet Safety Printable – Blank PDF

Free pet emergency information printable - fillable

Pet Safety Printable – Fillable MS Word

Click the DOWNLOAD FILE HERE text links above to access the free template files. These freebies have been uploaded for sharing via Dropbox. You don’t need to have a Dropbox account to download the files and can ignore any sign-up prompts. The default paper size is A4 (our local standard). Select “fit-to” if printing in a different size, such as standard letter. And please recycle any extras or offcuts. Woofs!

Using and Customising the Templates

Fillable MS Word Template

To fill in the information sheet in MS Word prior to printing, simply select and edit the text. Blue placeholder copy denotes user content; however, all text is editable if you wish to customise further. Select a placeholder image and in the format toolbar function choose “Change Picture” (screenshot shown below), which will open a window through which you can select a replacement image from your files. You can resize the images and/or text fields using click-drag if needed or click and delete unwanted content.

As a note of caution, don’t try to open / edit the file online direct from Dropbox. For some reason (?) these specially formatted Word documents usually look wonky if you open them in Word online. At least at present. Download a copy of the free pet information sheet template file and then open it on your own device. Then you can edit and use as you wish for your pet’s files. 

Filling information on a free pet record sheet

Blank PDF Template

Although the PDF version of our free pet information sheet is provided primarily for easy print-and-fill use, it is also unlocked for customisation in capable versions of Adobe Acrobat (e.g. Acrobat DC) if you wish to make changes.

Free printable pet safety sheets for emergency information and records

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