Happy New Year! 2021 Post Holiday Blog Break Catch Up

Humphrey blog dog of Dalmatian DIY in the summer hydrangea garden

Hellllloooo, furfriends! We’ve been quiet the past few weeks enjoying our annual blog break and semi-offline family holiday time. Farewell to the unusual year that was 2020. Here’s our behind the scenes 2020/2021 holiday catch up with blog dog Humphrey and Dalmatian DIY. Let’s take a quick look back at the year that was, the year ahead, and the holiday celebrations in between.

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas was, as always, tons of riptastic fun. It was sad this year celebrating our first Christmas without our sweet Oli, but there were also happy memories of past holidays. Oli’s stocking and Tiger’s little cat stocking were placed with love under our tree along with their photos. After our traditional Christmas morning walk in festive attire, Humphrey got to enjoy plenty of wrapping ripping. And presents, of course. Here’s a holiday snap of the handsome little elf ready for Christmas ripmas wrapping paper action.

Humphrey blog dog of Dalmatian DIY wearing Christmas elf hat

Toasting the New Year

Smell you later 2020! Stink year indeed. Cheers to the New Year, furfriends! Humphrey toasted the end of 2020 with a celebratory mocktail inspired by Oli’s lockdown birthday dog-friendly quarantini. Because why not? It might look flash, but making his dog-friendly mocktail was really quick, simple, creative, and fun. For me. Hahah! And it was an extra special New Year’s treat for Humphrey, too. As per our New Year’s Instagram post, perhaps we need to create a whole menu of doggy drinks and recipe ideas. What do you think? Give us your best punny dog mocktail name suggestions. Pupsecco? Barktini? Cosmopawlitan? Barkarita? There’ve already been some great ones suggested by our Instagram furfriends. Keep them coming!

Dalmatian DIY New Year's Eve dog mocktail drink

Humphrey's Dog-Friendly Mocktail Recipe

Humphrey’s New Year’s dog-friendly tipple was simply made with diluted chicken stock. I used homemade unseasoned and unsalted stock, which is really just poaching liquid saved from making his homecooked breakfasts. The drink was embellished with sliced cucumber (crazy Humphrey loves cucumber), a few cranberries, and a fresh celery stalk from the veggie garden. The gelatin gummy star garnish was, of course, Humphrey’s first target. He loves gummy dog treats. The celery stir stick was primarily for looks and, not surprisingly, unceremoniously rejected. Haha! Humphrey suggests a jerky stir stick next time around!

Dalmatian DIY New Year's Eve dog mocktail drink

Looking Ahead to 2021

It’s been mixed start to the year here in our part of New Zealand, but we’re making the most of it. Every day is a great day for adventure! We’re fortunate here in New Zealand at the moment to be able to travel locally, so we’re looking forward to discovering some fun new dog-friendly places together. Contemplating your own resolutions and plans for 2021? Check out our archived post on New Year’s resolutions for better living with dogs for ideas on giving your dog a happier and healthier life.  Our post on isolation and lockdown life with pets is also available for anyone who may need it.  Take care and be safe our there, furfriends.

Humphrey blog dog of Dalmatian DIY in a summer field

Behind the Scenes with Dalmatian DIY

Creative Life and Posting Prep

Although the blog has been on holiday, life continues as usual behind the scenes with plenty of tasty treats and creative projects. Humphrey’s maturity means that toys often last a lot longer than when he was a wild young pup. Being a one dog house means that batches of treats last a lot longer, too. But never fear. There’s still plenty of creative fun in our upcoming posting plans. Stay tuned!

With Gratitude and Thanks to Our Readers and Friends

I’ve included some happy, sad, fun, silly, posed, candid, blog, and personal photos from our 2020 in the collage below. We look forward to sharing our posts and our lives behind the scenes with you again this year. Thanks for being a part of our blog dog world and for the love you’ve shared with me and our boys, especially in the very hard times this past year when we said goodbye to Oli

Wishing You a Safe and Happy 2021

2020 has definitely been a strange year, and no doubt 2021 will continue to be challenging. Hopefully, there are better days ahead. Take care, stay safe, and be well, friends. I hope that 2021 brings good things to you and those you love, whether near or far, together or virtually. We will you all the very best for the year ahead. XOXO from Laura and Humphrey.

Dalmatian DIY dog blog 2020/2021 holiday catch up

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