Humphrey’s 2nd Birthday Celebrations

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 2nd birthday party celebrations

Humphrey is two!  Such a big boy now – where does the time go?!? Humphrey is all grown up and looking to party, and party we did! Here’s a peek at Humphrey’s DIY second dog birthday party celebrations, toys, cake, and treats. Woofs!

The (Hopefully!) Terrific Twos

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Humphrey’s first birthday party. Time flies far too quickly in hindsight, doesn’t it? Especially the wild and crazy (sometimes too crazy) puppy days. Humphrey’s really settled into himself over the past year, though. Here’s hoping that this year will be the Terrific Twos instead of the Terrible Twos. Haha!  Oli was already this age when we blended households, so it’s all still a little bit new for me. I’ve been told that much like people, dogs can test the boundaries and regress in their training a little at this age. We’ll be doing some reinforcement training to hopefully make sure Humphrey stays on track.

Homemade turkey meatloaf dog birthday cake with mashed potato frosting

Dog-Friendly Birthday Cakes and Candles

Humphrey’s birthday celebration included some very special cakes and candles, and not just the usual party variety.  There was, of course, a doggone delicious real birthday cake.  This time, our cake was an adapted version of our tasty turkey meatloaf dog-friendly cake with homemade jerky garnish and edible candles. We’ll be sharing the recipe in an upcoming post. There were also marbled heart treats and confetti bites in our colourful birthday buffet. 

Homemade Birthday Toys

In the non-edible birthday cake department, we had some fun new homemade dog toys. I made Humphrey a squeaky stuffed monogram H birthday cake stuffed toy with sprinkles. Slightly wonky on cutting my icing (oops) not unlike my often slightly wonky efforts with the real deal. Haha!  The little lad is wild for stuffed toys and loves to squeak, so I couldn’t resist making a special birthday addition to his toy box. I also made a DIY birthday candle dog tug toy. Yes, I know I’m crazy! But I really enjoy experimenting with shapes and techniques to see what I can create. Plus, our boys love playing with their tugs. This candle has gotten quite a workout already.

DIY Woven fleece birthday candle dog tug toy

Other Birthday Fun

Also included in our pawty pictures are the DIY reversible birthday dog bandanas we made for Oli’s 10th birthday and the free printable tags and labels that are shared in our archives. On the table there is also a mysterious green object that is a big DIY dog party cracker made with a large paper tube (this one was from my roll of baking parchment) that was recycled after the birthday ripfest.

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 2nd birthday party celebrations

Birthday Love and Wishes

Thank you for all of the love you’ve shared with both our boys since we started this blog, for being party of Humphrey’s world this past year, and for the happy birthday wishes you’ve sent to Humphrey on our social media. Love and licks from our furfamily to yours!

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Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 2nd birthday party celebrations

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