Humphrey’s 3rd Birthday Celebrations (Belated Barkday)

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 3rd birthday party celebrations

It’s Humphrey’s 3rd birthday! Can you believe that my baby is three? Happy (belated) birthday, Humphrey!  Humphrey’s birthday was during our family trip and blog break, but he still needed a special celebration. We can’t miss a birthday! Here’s a peek at his belated barkday bash.

All Grown Up and Ready to Party

It’s pretty doggone difficult to beat being back together after time apart. I missed Humphrey’s real birthday this year while travelling overseas for my brother’s wedding. Not only did we celebrate our return (so many snuggles), we had Humphrey’s belated birthday to celebrate, too.  

Our little lad is all grown up now, but he’s still a puppy in my heart. Looking at photos now compared to his first birthday or second birthday, I see so much change.  Having our senior spotty and watching him age reminds me daily to slow down, appreciate our time, shrug off the bad days (and any occasional naughty behaviours), and really be in the moments we have together. But enough serious talk. On to the party!

Homemade beef meatloaf dog birthday cake with potato frosting

It's Not a Party Without Cake

Of course, it’s not a party unless there’s cake! Am I right? Cue the drool! This year, Humphrey’s barkday cake was a tasty beef meatloaf with mashed potato frosting and rosemary sprinkles. Doggone delicious according to the birthday boy and his trusty taste testing sidekick.

Dalmatian dogs at birthday party with cake and treats

This cake was a re-bake of our meatloaf birthday cake recipe using beef with mashed potato frosting and a sprinkle of dog-friendly herbs. Doggone delicious! You can check out our intro post on making birthday and special occasion dog cakes for different frosting and decorating ideas, or browse through the other DIY dog cakes and pupcakes for more homemade barkday cake ideas and recipes.

Slices of homemade beef meatloaf dog birthday cake with potato frosting

Other Celebratory Fun

Also included in our pawty pictures are the DIY reversible birthday dog bandanas we made for Oli’s 10th birthday.  And lots of yummy treats, of course! I needed to replenish the treat supply in the freezer after my return. I was particularly thrilled that the party hat stayed on unripped for long enough for a few photos this year. Haha! Growing up indeed…

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 3rd birthday party celebrations

Birthday Love and Wishes

Thank you for all of the love you’ve shared with both our boys since we started this blog, for being party of Humphrey’s world this past year, and for the happy birthday wishes you’ve sent to Humphrey on our social media. Love and licks from our furfamily to yours! In case you missed it during our blog break, check out the gigantic collection of free mix-and-match paw print labels that we created in honour of Humphrey’s birthday. A little present from us to you to celebrate the occasion. Woofs!

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 3rd birthday party celebrations

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