Humphrey’s 4th Birthday Celebrations

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog checking out his 4th birthday party buffet

Woohoo! Happy 4th birthday, Humphrey! Here’s a peek at Humphrey’s 4th dog birthday party celebrations, including homemade cake and treats. Look that the birthday boy sizing up his feast in the photo above. It makes me giggle every time I see it. It’s not the snazziest of birthday photos, but it captures his personality to a tee. Eyes on the prize and laser focused. Sharing? Hmmm… Humphrey was very excited about his birthday treats, but did (of course) share with Oli. Even Tiger may have gotten a treat or two.

Humphrey's 4th Birthday

Handsome Humphrey is four and all grown up. The tradition of our terrible group photos continues with another very serious birthday pose.  Did you see the impatient posers in my latest milestone mugshot snap on our social media? Oh those rascals! Sigh… They really do love posing, I swear. But not so much when they’re together, typical siblings. Especially when they’re waiting for birthday cake and treats!

Humphrey and Oli the Dalmatians at Humphrey's 4th birthday

So Many Reasons to Celebrate

Our Facebook furfriends and Instagram pawpals got a sneak peek at Humphrey’s 4th barkday in last week’s posts. We’re a little slow posting the full party, since we we took a month offline here on the blog to focus on recovery following Oli’s health scare. And now, thankfully the whole furfamily is still together and we’re back on the blog. And we have CAKE!

Homemade layered lamb dog birthday cake recipe

Birthday Cake and Treats

Other than basic gummies, which we resumed making after Oli’s initial recovery, Humphrey’s feast was the first real dog baking and making here at the new house. Since Oli is still easing back into his normal routines, we kept the feast tummy-friendly with an all-natural rainbow assortment of gummies, an adaptation of our go-to smooth roll-and-cut peanut butter treats using a combination of peanut butter and coconut oil, and a simple (for us!) meatloaf-style layer cake.

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 4th birthday party cake and treats

This year, Humphrey’s cake was a layered lamb meatloaf cake with mashed potato frosting. We’ll be sharing the recipe in an upcoming post. I’ll be posting our shortcut method for making small batches of gummies in different colours and flavours, too. It’s super simple! Also included in our pawty pictures are the DIY birthday bandanas we made for Oli’s 10th birthday.  They’ve been worn at many dog and human birthdays since, and they still look doggone dapper. Even when the boys are unimpressed to be posing instead of eating cake and treats. 

Homemade multicoloured and flavoured gelatin gummy dog treats

Birthday Love and Wishes

Thank you for all of the love you’ve shared with both our boys since we started this blog and for being party of Humphrey’s world this past year. Special thanks for the support you’ve shown through the move, disruptions in our posting cycle or responses, and (of course) the healing thoughts you’ve been sending to senior spotty Oli during his recovery.  We appreciate you all so very much, our furfriends, near and far. Those connections are one of the best things about the blog. Thank you for all of the happy birthday wishes you’ve sent to Humphrey on our social media. I’ve been reading them out loud to the boys. Love and licks from our furfamily to yours!

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 4th birthday party cake and treats

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Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 4th birthday party celebrations

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