Humphrey’s 6th Birthday Celebrations

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 6th birthday portrait

Happy 6th birthday, Humphrey! How is it even possible that my little wee man is already six? How time flies. Come and join us for a peek at Humphrey’s 6th birthday celebration with homemade cake, treats, and toys. It’s pawty time!

Solo Celebrations

This was our first big family event since Oli passed away. It was a bit sad, but I didn’t want any of my sadness to tinge Humphrey’s happy celebrations and we celebrated large with cake, treats and toys despite the solo celebrations. Stranger still, we’re back in COVID restrictions once again, so no furfriends either. It feels a odd baking for one, but there were no objections from Humphrey to having lots of sliced cake in the freezer for follow-on special little treats. And I might have gone a little overboard on the toys…haha!

Humphrey's 6th birthday DIY dog toys, treats, and birthday cake

Celebrating Humphrey's 6th Birthday

Belated Barkday Posting

Humphrey’s 6th birthday was actually celebrated a few weeks ago, as shared with our furfriends on our Facebook and Instagram. Our blog was in the process of being prepped and transferred here to our new website (hope you like it!) and we were holding on new posts during the transition. There was no pause on the fun behind the scenes, though. Pawty pawty pawty!

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 6th birthday portraits

Banana Carrot and Beef Birthday Cake

Humphrey’s birthday cake was a hybrid muffin-style cupcake crossed with beefy meatloaf. I had a different cake in mind, but NZ increased its COVID alert levels again on the eve of baking day. Crazy shoppers meant that I adjusted my baking plans. It was a great cake combo. Easy, excellent smells, baked beautifully, and doggone delicious according to Humphrey. I’ll share the recipe details in an upcoming post.

Humphrey's 6th birthday homemade dog-friendly cake

I decided go with a yogurt frosting with coconut flour after the recipe change. It felt like an icing that would go well with the hybrid flavours and scents of the cake. I finished things off with hemp heart sprinkles and six birthday candles for our handsome little lad. He may be all grown up and a big boy of six, but he’ll always be my puppy. I wonder what he was wishing for? Probably cake. Haha!

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog making a wish 6th birthday cake

Tasty Birthday Treats

Our freezer was already well stocked with homemade treats, beef jerky, and other goodies, so we kept it simple this year with the cake and fresh batch of simple stock gummy dog treats. We always have a batch of gummies of some variety of hand in the fridge for easy healthy treats. And on the subject of old favourites, you’ll see that our original DIY reversible dog birthday bandanas were out once again for another special celebration. Our DIY customised Valentine’s day dog bandana got some reverse wear for the pizza party photos as well. I love the little Dali chef look of red gingham on Humphrey.

Pizza Party Squeaky Stuffed Dog Toys

Instead of a birthday-themed toy, like last year’s squeaky birthday bone dog toys, I got a little crazy and made an entire pizza of separate squeaky slices. It had been a while since I made Humphrey a squeaky and I decided to go big. Humphrey was very excited. 

Humphrey's birthday DIY squeaky stuffed pizza slice dog toys

The linen closet now has a stash of pizza slices ready for sharing over time. He’s still happily on slice one of his collection and going strong. I’ll share the DIY pizza slice dog toy details in a future post, but they’re based on our triangle toy shape and made with a base beige version of the super sturdy green fabric I’ve used for some of our past toys like our Halloween witch and Christmas elf. The stuffing and squeakers are all reclaimed and recycled materials from our DIY dog toy hospital. Pawesome!

DIY squeaky stuffed pizza slice dog toys

Birthday Love and Wishes

Thank you for all of the love you’ve shared with both our boys since we started this blog, for being part of Humphrey’s world this past year. It’s been a hard one indeed, but every day together is a great day and every milestone is sometime to be celebrated. Thank you for the happy birthday wishes you’ve sent to Humphrey on our social media. Love and licks from our furfamily to yours!

Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 6th birthday portrait

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Humphrey the Dalmatian dog's 6th birthday celebrations

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