Humphrey’s 7th Birthday Celebrations

Smiling Dalmatian in party hat for Humphrey's 7th birthday

Happy 7th barkday to blog dog, Humphrey! It’s pawty time, even if it’s just us having crazy furfamily fun this year. But we’re partying along with you, our virtual VIP guests, of course. Humphrey is not sorry he doesn’t have to share his cake though. Haha! Every milestone together is something to celebrate and make special memories. Come and join us for a peek at Humphrey’s 7th birthday celebration. 

Humphrey's 7th Birthday

We started Humphrey’s special birthday fun with a family mini roadie for walk in a nearby dog-friendly park. We considered a beach trip, but the weather forecast was poor, so we’ll save that treat for another day. After a brief post walkies snooze for Humphrey to recharge, it was time for our annual ritual of preparing a special cake and treats. 

Other than the tug toy in the pictures, the rest of Humphrey’s birthday toys this year were storebought.  No, not because I’m super lazy. Haha! There are plenty of homemade toys in his toy basket, and more fresh toys ready and waiting in the linen cupboard. There’s a basket in there where I hide toy, but Humphrey is on to me. Back to the storebought dog toys. By happy accident, one of Humphrey’s Christmas gift toys has a fabulous squeak that he loves squeaking and howling along with. We hunted down some similar squeaky toys as a special surprise. The octopus was bought at the same time, just because it looked cute and fun. 

Humphrey's 7th dog birthday party treats and toys

Homemade Cake-Less Dog Birthday Cake

Humphrey’s birthday cake this year was a special cake-less cake. Instead of making one of my usual dog-friendly cakes using a baked cake or meatloaf, I used steak cut into cake-like shapes and lightly grilled on the barbeque. There are no flours or grains and it’s super simple to adapt to other dog diets, including raw.  See our cake-less steak dog cake post for the doggone delicious details.

Dalmatian dog staring at homemade birthday cake

Humphrey was very excited, but there was no full-sized cake smash for the wee man. Or not so wee man. Sorry, Humpster! Humphrey is on a bit of diet to maintain his weight. Steak is a special indulgence, especially in Humphrey’s purine-moderated Dalmatian diet. He isn’t on a medically restricted diet or protocol, but we still moderate his foods as a precaution.  For more restrictive diets, the cake-less cake could be changed to another protein. Drool your way over to our steak cake post and sniff around. Humphrey enjoyed a special celebratory slice, and the rest was packed away for future treats in small quantities.

Dog birthday party eating homemade cake

Tasty Birthday Treats

We also made a birthday batch of turmeric gelatin gummy treats. These are simple stock gelatin gummy dog treats with diluted homemade chicken stock and turmeric powder. They’re diet-friendly goodies, too. But don’t tell Humphrey. He loves his gummies and these are healthy treats that I love sharing. We always have some sort of homemade gummy dog treats on hand in the fridge.

Homemade turmeric treats for dog birthday party

Birthday Love and Wishes

Although sharing cake and treats is special, sharing time and togetherness is what’s truly special. Another year of love, laughter, fur, and joy with our spotty birthday boy.  Thank you for all of the love you’ve shared with our boys since we started this blog, and for being part of Humphrey’s blog dog world. Your support truly means so much to me and I’m sure Humphrey can feel your long-distance pats, too. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes for Humphrey, and lots of love and licks from our furfamily to yours!

Smiling dog portrait from Humphrey's 7th birthday

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Humphrey's 7th dog birthday party celebrations

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