Humphrey’s 8th Birthday Celebrations

Humphrey's 8th birthday (Dalmatian dog wearing a party hat)

Happy 8th birthday to Humphrey! What a day! Such treats! What cake! So much fun! Now we have a very tired little boy resting, and I’m playing catch up on his party pics. Come on in and take a peek behind the scenes for our furfamily celebration of Humphrey’s 8th birthday.

Humphrey's 8th Birthday

It was a frosty start to the day for Humphrey’s birthday this year. We had a family Sunday morning pancake breakfast before heading out for a birthday pack walk. Then it was time for extreme scent-fest, birthday edition. Humphrey had the delight of watching his Dad prepare him a fresh batch of beef jerky dog treats for the dehydrator, with the most loving puppy dog eyes ever too, I might add. Then we packed up a batch of his homemade dog-food toppers. Drool factor on max! And we hadn’t even started the birthday baking yet. What a day, indeed!

Ingredients for making homemade dog food

Homemade Lamb and Carrot Birthday Cake

Humphrey’s birthday cake this year was a layered lamb and carrot meatloaf, topped with mashed potato and garnished with chicken and jerky. I’ll be sharing the recipe in an upcoming posts here on the blog, so stay tuned for all the doggone delicious details.

Homemade lamb and carrot meatloaf dog birthday cake with potato, chicken, and jerky topping

The birthday boy got a slice of cake later in the day, as the first course of his dinner. He had a treat and his birthday mocktail after our main photoshoot, but had to wait for dinner before his mini cake smash. We had to pace ourselves on such a big day and spread out the fun and the snacks. Haha! We’ve carried on the mocktail tradition since Oli’s birthday quarantinis. Cheers to you, old lad!  This year’s bevvie was a simple diluted chicken stock, garnished with a baby carrot (Humphrey’s favourite), fresh from the garden.

Birthday Treats

Humphrey was already having a very big birthday in the kitchen with his Dad making jerky and prepping meal toppers. We do both of these things on the regular, and it was just by chance that both activities were due for batches on Humphrey’s birthday weekend.  Since it was already a tasty day, we kept our other treats simple for this birthday party with just the cake. Although I did make the meatloaf-style cake recipe big enough to make both our mini cakes and a few bonus meatball dog treats. And, of course, we always have a batch of homemade gelatin gummy dog treats of some sort on hand for healthy fridge snacks.

Homemade lamb and carrot meatball dog treats

Birthday Toys and More

I made Humphrey a squeaky stuffed birthday cake dog toy, but it didn’t come out quite as planned. The decorations were great (as was the squeaky fun) but even with my sturdy dog-toy fabric it was too puffy after stuffing and kind of lost its wedge shape. Ah well. Not everything we try in our crazy blog dog world comes out right. But as I often say to our readers, the dogs aren’t going to judge on looks, just fun. Humphrey was circling like a shark while I finished the sewing and has been squeaking up a storm. He’d probably argue it came out better this way since he didn’t have to wait until after party pictures and got his toy a few days early. Haha!

Ripping gifts out of their wrapping paper is one of Humphrey’s celebratory favourites, so I also made a few little treat shaker boxes for Humphrey to rip and recycle. I used the cutlery boxes from our grocery store’s current giveaway, decorated with butchers paper and our homemade custom stamps. Humphrey loves helping with the recycling, but a few rattling biscuits in a box is extra irresistible. Humphrey’s Dad had some new storebought toys tucked away for his birthday in the linen cupboard, too. Lucky lad.

Making dog treat gift boxed with empty cardboard boxes

Birthday Love and Wishes

Thanks for all of the love you’ve shared with us since we started Dalmatian DIY, and for being part of Humphrey’s blog dog world. Drop by our on social media to wish Humphrey happy birthday, and I’ll read him your messages. And deliver all of your virtual birthday belly pats and celebratory scritches. Sorry we can’t share the snacks with you other than in photos, although we did invite Humphrey’s pal Cooper over for leftovers after this morning’s walk. Love and licks from our furfamily to yours! 

Humphrey's 8th birthday party dog-friendly cake and treats

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Humphrey's 8th birthday dog-friendly celebrations
Humphrey's 8th birthday dog-friendly celebrations

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