Oli’s 10th Birthday (Senior Spotty Celebrations)

Oli the Dalmatian dog's 10th birthday party celebrations

Oli’s big 1-0 birthday bash! Happy 10th birthday, Oli! That’s a very special senior spotty dog milestone, indeed. Take a peek at Oli’s 10th birthday party with homemade dog-friendly birthday cake, treats, toys, and more.

Celebrating Double Digits

We partied a day early this year so that the whole family could have fun together. As always, the guest of honour was happy to pose for a few smiling photos, even in the embarrassing hat, as long as there were treats!  As fellow big dog owners know, double digits are cause for celebration. Oli is still a spritely old minx for his age and size, but we’ll be moving into a new routine of preventative senior check-ups with our vets and keeping an extra eye out for any potential issues. 

Dalmatian dog in birthday bandana playing with fleece tug toys

Barkday Buffet

We had some baked goodies and homemade jerky dog treats in our buffet this year (jerky has become a go-to treat), but the star of the barkday table is definitely the cake! I think it’s one of my favourite dog birthday cakes so far. The cake was a homemade dog-friendly turkey, lamb, and vegetable meatloaf layer cake with mashed potato frosting. We’ll be sharing the recipe in an upcoming post.

DIY dog birthday party buffet gifts, treats, and cake

Dog Birthday DIYs

After my rush to make matching bandanas for Humphrey’s first birthday, I was prepared for the next party with our matching reversible DIY dog birthday bandanas.  I also made some DIY dog toys for my party animals to enjoy (and work of those treats). The latest crazy creation were some experimental compartmentalised cupcake squeaky stuffed toys, and we made new tug toys using the same simple DIY method as our basic square woven fleece dog tug toy.  Now that Humphrey is growing up, the boys are particularly into ripping and tugging together.

Dalmatian dog wearing a birthday bandana
Smiling Dalmatian dog wearing a birthday bandana

Birthday Love and Wishes

Thank you for all of the social media love you’ve shared with our boys since we started this blog, and for the happy birthday wishes you’ve given to Oli. Your support and friendship, near and far, is what makes our blog worth all the effort. Love and licks from our furfamily to yours!

Oli's 10th DIY dog birthday party treats and cake

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Oli the Dalmatian dog's 10th birthday party celebrations

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