Oli’s 13th Birthday Celebrations

Oli the Dalmatian dog's 13th birthday party

Wowzas! Our beautiful boy is 13! We’ve very grateful to be celebrating yet another birthday milestone with this geriatric gent. Come and take a virtual peek at Oli’s 13th dog birthday celebrations, including cake and treats. Woofs!

Celebrating Oli's 13th Birthday

Thanks for all the social media love and birthday wishes you’ve shared with Oli for his birthday. We’re always grateful to celebrate another milestone together, but after Oli’s medical emergency last year and Tiger’s recent passing, we’ve been feeling extra mindful and thankful this time around. Now that our little blogging break time for Easter celebrations and ANZAC Day holiday commemorations is past, we’re back with photos from Oli’s barkday.

Homemade limited ingredient fish and/or meat dog birthday cake

Surf? Turf? Why Choose?

I was keen to make a fish cake last year on Oli’s big 1-2 golden oldie birthday, but had to settle for scents that would be more suitable in case of property viewings. Game on this year, even if it did mean that all the windows and doors needed to be opened and the neighbourhood dogs were all left drooling in the breeze. Heheh… I’ll be sharing the DIY details in an upcoming post, but this year’s cake was a special limited ingredient surf n’ turf cake, with a fish layer and a meat layer. The crazy eyes and drooling jowls are definite signs of approval.  

Dalmatian dog in party hat staring at dog-friendly birthday cake

Celebration Treats and More

Oli’s 13th birthday cake was topped with some homemade golden turmeric star treats and we made a batch of his favourite simple stock gummy dog treats as well. Also included in our pawty pictures are the DIY reversible birthday dog bandanas we made way back when for Oli’s 10th birthday. Still looking doggone dapper! 

Oli the Dalmatian dog's 13th birthday party cake and treats

Birthday Love and Wishes

Thank you for all of the love you’ve shared with both our boys since we started this blog, for being part of Oli’s world this past year. It’s been a tough one indeed, with lots of changes (including a new home and neighbourhood), Oli’s emergency surgery, and the slow road to recovery. Your kind words and thoughts of support have helped us immensely. Every day together is a gift, and we’re extra grateful to be celebrating Oli’s big 1-3 this year. Slow and steady as we go. We love receiving your birthday wishes for Oli (I read them out to him), so please pop by our social media and say hello. Love and licks from our furfamily to yours!

Oli the Dalmatian dog's 13th birthday

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Oli the Dalmatian dog's 13th birthday party celebrations

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