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DIY Dog Toys

Welcome to the Dalmatian DIY dog toy collection! 

Dalmatian dog with a homemade pink, red, and white dug toy in his mouth

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Ready to start making? You can jump straight into our DIY dog toy archives if you'd like or use the internal search to sniff out something specific.

Getting Started with Making Dog Toys

Any toy, no matter what it's made of or where it's sourced from, requires dog-by-dog consideration for suitability and supervision during play. We've shared a detailed post on dog toy safety with helpful links and resources to help you decide what's right for you and your dog. Please choose with care and play safe.  The toys I share here are made for our boys, but may not be suitable for some other dogs. Although they're quite able to destroy a toy if they wish (including some "indestructible" products), neither of our dogs are in to eating toys or parts thereof - thankfully! Still, we like to play together. Playtime is always safer (and more fun!) that way.

Dalmatian dogs on a bed with a ripped open stuffed toy

✂️  In addition to making toys, you can also repair damaged dog toys and salvage materials for reuse.  We keep a "Toy Hospital" basket for toys pending repair and I use a lingerie/sweater wash bag for gathering up with salvaged stuffing. It can then be laundered and reused - easy, less waste, and lower cost crafting. Pawesome!

Exploring the DIY Archives by Project Type

Our blog includes post labels that can help you navigate and discover related post topics, including large categories, like all of our dog tug toy related posts.  These will automatically sort by date, with the most recent posts first. Labels are located on the footer of each post. 

The post labels can also help you navigate through our archives by project type or purpose. The two main types of toys we share here on the blog are woven tug toys and stuffed toys, the latter of which are usually made with squeakers (optional) for my squeaky toy loving boys. These main categories are just a starting point, as there are also labels for crafting methods, holidays and special occasions, and more. 

📝 Behind the scenes, labels also help to generate the "You might also enjoy these posts:"  suggestions that you'll see at the very bottom of our blog posts, just above the footer.  They feature a circular thumbnail photo and post title for related posts that our readers might also like to explore.

Fresh on the Blog | Recently Posted DIY Dog Toys

What's popular on the blog with our readers tends to vary with the seasons and upcoming holiday/events.  These are currently some of the most popular posts on the blog based upon page views and Pinterest pins.

DIY woven fleece dog tug toy
Square Knot Dog Tug Toy
DIY woven fleece loop dog tug toy
Fleece Loop Dog Tug Toy
DIY giant lips squeaky stuffed dog toy
Giant Lips Squeaky Dog Toy
DIY squeaky shark stuffed dog toy
Squeaky Shark Dog Toy
Candy cane woven fleece Christmas dog tug toy
Candy Cane Christmas Tug
DIY giant woven fleece dog tug toy
Tug of Tugs! Dog Toy
Santa Claus squeaky stuffed DIY Christmas dog toy
Squeaky Santa Dog Toy
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🧩 Our fleece tug toy DIYs have been very popular over the years, both with our dogs (and their playmates) and our readers. We recently created a special mini series addressing some of the common FAQs we get on fleece tug toy making as well as handy tips and trouble-shooting assistance for common problems. If you need assistance with tug weaving, its a great place to look for help:

Different end knots for woven fleece dog tug toys

More Doggone Great DIY Dog Toy Ideas

Looking for something specific? Still searching for a project that catches your eye? Use our internal search function to browse through the blog archives:

🐾 We take requests for future posts, whether by project type or for special occasions (including for for holidays and occasions we don't celebrate ourselves). We can't turn every special request into a scheduled post due to planning and other constraints, but will try to help with ideas where we can!