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DIY Projects for Dogs (and their Humans!)

Welcome to the Dalmatian DIY craft and DIY project collection! 

Dalmatian dog lying on a black and white dog bed

Shortcut to our Dog DIY and Craft Project Archives

Ready to get creative? You can jump straight into our dog DIY and craft archives if you'd like or use the internal search to sniff out something specific.

Just want to play? No worries! Toys are such a big part of the blog that they have their own page to help you navigate our toy archives and related content. You can use the links in this DIY page (of course) or head to the DIY Dog Toy navigation page and explore from there.  It's a dog's life indeed!

Fresh on the Blog | Recently Posted Dog DIY and Craft Projects

Our blog includes post labels that can help you navigate and discover related post topics, including large categories, like all of our dog toy related posts.  These will automatically sort by date, with the most recent posts first. Labels are located on the footer of each post. Here are some of the most recent DIYs on the blog:

DIY dog bandanas with overlocked edges
Overlocked DIY Dog Bandanas
DIY custom fitted dog belly band diaper
DIY Belly Band Diapers
Styling a reversible dog bandana for more versatile wearing options
Styling a DIY Dog Bandana
DIY Waterproof fleece-lined dog raincoat
Softshell DIY Dog Raincoat
DIY layered fleece dog coat with popped collar and leash access
DIY Fleece Dog Coat
DIY mini recycled dress shirt dog bandana
Mini Shirt Bandana
DIY recycled dress shirt French cuff dog bow tie
Shirt Cuff Bow Tie
No-sew dog bandanas with finished edges
No Sew Dog Bandanas
Recycled dress shirt dog collars re-sized to fitDress Shirt DIY Dog Collars Father's Day dog pillows from recycled work dress shirts
"Pillow Daddy" Cushions
DIY stuffed squeaky dog bone birthday toy
Birthday Bone Dog Toys
Personalised dog bandanas
Personalised Dog Bandanas
DIY dog bed covers
DIY Dog Beds & Covers
DIY cobra knot woven fleece dog tug toy
Cobra Knot Dog Tug Toy
DIY waterproof furniture pads for dogs
Furniture / Bed Protectors
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Exploring the DIY Archives by Project Type

The post labels can also help you navigate through our archives by project type or purpose.  The main categories below are just a starting point, as there are also labels for types of project, crafting methods, key materials, holidays and special occasions, and more. Here a a few popular search labels:

Project Type:
Crafting Method:
Events and Holidays:

📝 Behind the scenes, labels also help to generate the "You might also enjoy these posts:"  suggestions that you'll see at the very bottom of our blog posts, just above the footer.  They feature a circular thumbnail photo and post title for related posts that our readers might also like to explore.

DIY dog bow ties made from recycled old dress shirts

Blog Favourites | Popular Dog DIY Posts

What's popular on the blog with our readers tends to vary with the seasons and upcoming holiday/events.  These are currently some of the most popular posts on the blog based upon page views and Pinterest pins.

DIY woven fleece dog tug toy
Square Knot Dog Tug Toy
DIY loop woven fleece dog tug toy
Fleece Loop Dog Tug Toy
DIY dog bone Christmas wreath
Dog Bone Christmas Wreath
DIY oversized dog bow tie
Oversized Dog Bow Tie
DIY giant lips squeaky stuffed dog toy
Giant Lips Squeaky Dog Toy
DIY stuffed squeaky shark dog toy
Shark Squeaky Dog Toy
Candy cane DIY Christmas dog tug toy
Candy Cane Christmas Toy
DIY ugly Christmas sweater dog bandana
Ugly Sweater Bandana
DIY dog blankets with bound edges
DIY Dog Blankets
DIY giant rainbow dog tug toy
Tug of Tugs!
DIY drawstring dog treat bags
Drawstring Treat Bags
DIY dog bed covers
DIY Dog Bed Covers
DIY fleece dog coat
DIY Fleece Dog Coat
How to make clay pet paw prints
Clay Pet Paw Prints
Santa Claus stuffed squeaky Christmas DIY dog toy
Squeaky Santa Toy
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More Doggone Great Dog DIY Ideas

Looking for something specific? Still searching for a project that catches your eye? Use our internal search function to browse through the blog archives:

🐾 We take requests for future posts, whether by project type or for special occasions (including for for holidays and occasions we don't celebrate ourselves). We can't turn every special request into a scheduled post due to planning and other constraints, but will try to help with ideas where we can!